Budget Game Console - EXEQ ACE

Not yet retired seven-inch game monster for 3 950 rubles .
With four shifts and two analog sticks, many custom firmwares, loud sound and giving the opportunity to use it like a regular tablet.

Device positioning:
Emulator of retro-consoles with a large screen and a decent number of keys for convenient control, a toy for both a child and an adult bearded child.

The device is available in two colors (B \ B):

The design is decent, not just another PSP or PS VITA clone, and you can't call a copy of Wii U either.
In general, the design here is special. I especially like the white model, it looks somehow richer, or something.

Appearance of the device:


At the top end - connectors: for a charger, microUSB, power and connection to a PC, HDMI and 3.5 mm TRS for headphones.
Bottom - the microphone hole and the slot for a microSD memory card, supports up to 32 GB inclusive.

Keys and controls:

The main game keys include all the keys on the front of the device and 4 shifters on the top end.

To the left and right of the display, in the upper area, there are two analog sticks, sticks that are shifted, not tilted, unlikeEXEQ AIM PRO .
The sticks are comfortable, “under the finger”, with recesses and a rough surface, so that the finger rests comfortably on the stick, the only thing missing is the rubber coating of the sticks.

System keys
On the left edge of the tablet are two volume buttons, a power button and a hole for a forced reboot. On the right edge are the START and SELECT keys, most often they will be needed if you decide to play old games on the tablet through emulators.

Despite the rectangular shape, it is convenient to hold the gaming tablet, it is also convenient to control, thanks to the fact that the analog sticks are at the top, and press the shields while intercepting buttons A, B, X, Y.

At the bottom left on the front of the tablet are three indicator lights:
green lights up when the device is turned on,
blue - when a Wi-Fi connection is active,
red - when the tablet is charging or the charge level in it is critically low.

Also left and right of the screen are the speakers. The speakers, like the EXEQ AIM Pro, are located comfortably in the face.
The sound is loud, stereo.

Dimensions: 240 x 120 x 12 mm.

Review from the guys from Droider.ru. I liked the device!


The device in your hands will look like two CDs lying side by side, this should be considered when choosing a console! Tea is not pocket handheld!

CPU - Amlogic MX dual-core, 1.2 GHz
GPU - Mali 400MP2
RAM - 1 GB
ROM - 8 GB
Android - 4.1, custom firmware.

There is no GPS, BT, 3G and other vile things in the game console, and thank God, although the latter can be connected to the device via OTG.

Screen- This is an ordinary TN matrix with all the consequences, although I can say that I like the picture on this matrix more than say on the AMOLED display, which I can not say about viewing angles. The display is recessed slightly into the case, which is both a plus and a minus: on the one hand, the display becomes harder to scratch, on the other hand, you need to clean out the garbage from the corners, although the latter should be liked by a fan of Fallout and other post-apocalypse with dusty lamp on the edges of the screen.
A 5-finger sensor, which, if desired, implies playing for two a la splashcreen, or slicing fruit with five fingers for the other purposes, three fingers are enough for the eyes.

There are some misunderstandings, on the manufacturer’s website JXD 4 amperes are indicated, on the EXEQ website 3 amperes, in both cases, you may come across a device with both a three- and four-ampere battery, apparently EXEQ did not dare to write high specifications.
3 banks from different devices
1st - 4 amperes, 2nd - 4 amperes, 3rd - generally glued on the contrary

The batteries in the games last for 3-4 hours, depending on the Wi-Fi turned on and the brightness of the display, as a player-reader (video, audio, text, slide show), the device can work from one recharge to 10 hours.

The key feature of the device is keymapper.

I would recommend installing Tincore Keymapper - a more universal program, a lot of functions plus the ability to split the cross of a standard keymapper.

Built-in "Game Center". The shell with emulators looks like this: There

is nothing special to say about it, for children and unpretentious adults it’s the very thing - I threw and play toys, for gamers “with requests” I recommend cleaning the system or installing a clean custom firmware and installing more flexible emulators with advanced settings.

In the Antutu test, the device gains a modest 7000 - 9500 parrots, Epic Citadel 36 - 40 FPS, all the data varies depending on the
firmware, the kernel and the degree of overclocking.

Android games to play:
Amazing Spider Man
Modern Combat 3
Modern Combat 4
Dungeon Hunter 4
Max Payne Mobile
Nova 3
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Rayman 3
Reckless Racing HD
Reckless Racing 2
Riptide GP
Riptide GP2
The Bard's Tale
Slingshot Racing
Wild Blood


This console wasn’t deprived of firmware, but this one:
CyanogenMod 10.2
NCCE 2.0
TheXSample-SXELROM v3.5
Thanks to the firmware, you can connect a Bluetooth dongle through which you can connect the Sixaxis controller and play your favorite retro toys on the big screen on the sofa, 3G connects without any dancing with a tambourine, the latest official firmware dates from version 4.2.1, and LegacyROM HFW is considered the most popular firmware.

To summarize a bit:

Despite the not-so-high-quality display and hardware that is rather outdated by today's standards, which in synthetic tests is inferior to modern solutions, in the end we get a good Android game console. Yes, you need to consider that its power is not enough to run the latest games at maximum settings, but if you like to play various interesting games, and control using the touch screen is not yours, then you should take a closer look at EXEQ ACE - a budget game system with tablet features.

For ~ 4000 you get a pretty tolerable gaming device - a tablet with the ability to surf the net, watch movies or cartoons, listen to music. It’s worth considering whether it makes sense to buy a child’s tablet for games without buttons, if for the same price you can take a tablet with buttons.

VKontakte Group ,Russian-speaking community on the forum w3bsit3-dns.com , Another 7 "monster .

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