Workshop: WeMakeWeb - Series B


    We are holding a second meeting as part of the WeMakeWeb group. This time it was decided not to limit the speakers to any scope. Let's talk about server technologies (OpenStack, Docker, Node.JS), and how to build a "thick" web.
    Participation in the event is free, but you need to register at

    Every year, web applications become more complex and their capabilities increase. From computers, they switch to mobile devices, refrigerators, and even watches. One can no longer just rely on manual (functional) testing to test new functionality and avoid unpleasant bugs. Even unit tests for the front-end are sometimes not enough, because often errors occur during the integration of various systems with each other.


    A bug of insufficient compatibility checking can cost a lot of money, just remember NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter program. Two development teams gave excellent working components for the probe. The problem was that they worked perfectly only individually. One program received data in feet, and another sent it in meters. After integrating the two systems and sending the probe to Mars, it became clear that the mission was doomed to failure. The error of insufficient verification of integration cost $ 100M and jeopardized the entire program of studying Mars.

    Of course, we do not launch rockets using the web, but it has firmly entered our lives and we often depend on how stable certain applications are:


    Mikhail Koltsov@Luxoft will talk about how to avoid problems with front-end applications using unit and integration testing. Demonstrates how this can be done on AngularJS using the Karma & Protractor tools. And finally, it tells how testing can be accelerated using Docker containers.

    Denis Sobolev from WebMoney will share his experience in building a highly loaded service using OpenStack Swift technologies, fast storage for files in an Amazon S3 cluster, uploading content from Nginx, using AngularJS + Coffeescript + Foundation Framework for the frontend and Ruby on Rails on the backend.

    Andrey Kasatkin @Luxoft will talk about what a modern “fat client” is and how to synchronize client data with the server via the MEAN stack.

    The following topics will be covered:
    • Thick and thin clients: pros and cons
    • Thick web client
    • Basic and asynchronous data synchronization between client and server

    Arthur Halikov @Luxoft will conduct a small practical workshop on the topic: “Rapid prototyping with Node.js” :

    “How to quickly wrap your idea in the form of a web application before you forget about it?
    We’ll try to go from idea to prototype using Node.js, MongoDB, Twitter Bootstrap, Heroku and other tools. ”

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