Start of the Sandbox Championship Russian AI Cup 2014

    Today began the work of the sandbox Russian AI Cup 2014 . Last year, our AI ran a group of fighters, and in 2012 a tank. Apparently, the organizers of the competition decided that there was enough military subjects - now we will have a team of hockey players at our disposal.
    For the second year in a row, is the sponsor. So far, information about this event has not been posted on their blog, but most likely it will be later. Therefore, the purpose of this topic is not to cover the event in detail (all information is on the site), but to create a discussion in the comments.

    Championship Schedule

    Sandbox: from September 8 to October 19 is open to all comers; the first week will be in beta testing, during this period the system may become unstable and significant changes in the rules will take place, and on September 15 at 00:00 the rating in the Sandbox will be reset to its initial state.
    Round 1: September 27–28.
    Round 2: October 4-5.
    Final: October 11-12.

    Game features

    The game world is a two-dimensional rectangular region. The size of the area is 1024 × 768. Objects: hockey players and the puck. We control only field players, but not the goalkeeper (its mass is considered infinite). The teams we have are:
    • NONE Nothing to do.
    • TAKE_PUCK. Try to establish control over the puck.
    • SWING. Swing for a punch.
    • STRIKE Bump.
    • CANCEL_STRIKE. Cancel hit.
    • PASS. Give a pass.
    • SUBSTITUTE Perform a replacement.

    Apparently there is still Move, but during a quick inspection of the rules, I missed it.

    Round Features

    Round 1: a team of two hockey players. There are no parameters.
    Round 2: a team of three hockey players. The types of players will appear (predefined settings).
    Final: a team of six hockey players (only three on the field). Parameters are randomized. Fatigue will appear.

    Other information is available here.

    I can only test in the evening. What are your impressions?

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