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    Just the other day, our friends from Yandex came to us and talked about how and why they use OpenSource projects in development. About how they develop the BEM methodology, how it is used in Yandex services and what tools they write for the entire community. It was very cool and thank you very much for that, and all the details, materials and what we learned from this under the cut.

    At Alpha Labs, we deal with products that are directly or indirectly related to electronic business. It can be web or mobile applications that are aimed at simplifying the interaction of our customers with the bank and their finances in general. One way or another, all these products have interfaces, and every day we solve problems associated with their development. The thing is that these products are created by different teams, and it is very difficult to maintain the integrity of the style and code of the bank in all their diversity. Our customers should not hesitate to associate our products with the bank without any high-profile banners or obvious hints, and the development team should not create new products from scratch. As a result, we have two fundamental tasks that must be solved in any product and in any company,

    E-commerce is changing, growing and developing. This has long been not only a banking lot. Recently, a lot of strong solutions from completely different companies have appeared in this area, and we, in turn, are starting to compete not only with banks. Awareness of this gives a powerful kick, and we must use the experience and share it not only between banks, but also between IT companies. It may seem a little strange, but it is. Besides the fact that we are now competing in technology with IT companies, we also need to ensure the safety of our customers to a whole new level, and this is a doubly difficult task.

    Yandex, a company with many years of experience in creating customer-oriented services and a huge load. This is the number one IT giant in the Russian market. Over a long period of creating various interfaces for the entire diversity of their products, Yandex developers have developed their own approaches and methodologies. It would be strange for us not to use this and we invited them to visit.

    Without further thought Sergey Berezhnoy veged and Elena Dzhetpyspaeva mursyaagreed and came to us at Alpha Laboratory. They spent half a day with us and made us look at the development from a different angle. In the first part of the story, they tried to dispel our fears related to the use of OpenSource solutions, and also talked about how Yandex is struggling with the risks posed by OpenSource, how the developers themselves affect the vector of development of projects, and why do they do all this. A huge amount of knowledge collapsed on us, which, we hope, will help us in the development of our products and will make us more flexible and faster in the future. Sergey Berezhnoy spoke about the projects that they develop outside and how they are used inside the company. When you make tools with the community, you get exactly the product that your customers want, because it is they who help you make it.

    This was only the first part of the story. The second part was devoted to the story about common technologies between several projects in Yandex. On the example of search projects, Sergey Berezhnoy told how it turns out to use common technologies in different teams when developing different projects. The story proceeded in a free communication format, so we could ask any questions that interest us so long ago, but we had no one to ask. We discussed in detail how interfaces are built in Yandex using the BEM methodology , as well as how this helps in reusing code between teams. He talked about tools that help to work with the methodology, as well as how Yandex developers create block librariesand use them in various projects. It is impossible to overestimate how much this simplifies life. Thanks a lot to the guys for their invaluable experience and a wonderful day in the company of BEM.

    Special thanks to Elena Jetpispaeva for organizing the event, lively and fun communication. Guys, come to us again!

    If you, like us, are interested in interface development, just ask and you will get the most detailed and clear answer that may even exist.

    Below are presentations from our colleagues:

    Stay BEMed!

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