Twitpic is closing

    Twitpic's free image and video hosting service shuts down September 25, 2014 . Until this time, all users can download their files.

    Twitpic is a very popular service. Often used by journalists and activists to quickly spread news in the blogosphere and chronicle of events in almost real time.

    “This is an unexpected and difficult announcement for us, and we want to clarify its reasons,” writes Noah Everett, author and founder of the project. A few weeks ago, representatives of Twitter contacted our lawyer with a request to refuse the application for the Twitpic trademark, otherwise we will be denied access to the API. It’s an amazing event because Twitpic has been operating since the beginning of 2008, and the trademark application was filed with the USPTO in 2009. ”

    The causes of the conflict are understandable. The Twitpic commercial designation uses a derivative of the word Twitter, which Twitter considers inappropriate. They can deny anyone access to the API as they see fit. And if the business of a company is completely dependent on access to the API, then the company is in a vassal position and is forced to fulfill absolutely any requirements.

    Twitpic was not easy to register a trademark. Difficulties arose, overcoming of which took several years. However, they almost completed the procedure. Now it continues the penultimate stage, when the statement is published to file possible protests from third parties. Twitter did not protest, it acted more efficiently: it delivered an ultimatum directly.

    “Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to withstand such a large company as Twitter and protect the trademark, which we consider absolutely and completely ours. Therefore, we decided to close Twitpic. ”

    Noah Everett personally thanked everyone who took part in the short 6-year life of Twitpic. The founder of the project said goodbye to users and said that he would miss the old days.

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