It-Schnick Health and Relax Eye's

    “When it comes to innovation, innovation is always somewhere nearby or somewhere in Skolkovo, BUT not here and now. For some reason, I’m upset because of this. ”( C ) Andrey Rytnik The

    health of an it-shnik is a topic that is rarely discussed and few people are interested in it until problems arise. A sedentary lifestyle, working at night, constantly being in front of the monitor - all this does not add to health.


    The most vulnerable points of an it-shnik are the back and eyes. Sooner or later, all it-people wear glasses. The back makes itself felt later, but you can’t solve the problem of acute back pain with glasses. And then doctors, masseurs, swimming classes begin ... But the problem usually does not completely disappear.


    Is occupational disease prevention possible?

    Until recently, you would be offered to spend more time in the fresh air, go to the gym and ... of course, take regular breaks at work on the computer, but we know how this ends ...


    So, dear friends, a program for it-shniks first appeared. No, no, it's not about pouring software into your brains. It's about a program that makes sure that between your face and the monitor there is always the necessary distance using a webcam. And not only watching. The most interesting, in my opinion, is how this program fights against a person’s incorrect posture. If a person approaches the monitor too close, a non-intrusive reminder and even no sound signal comes out. The image on the monitor is blurred. That is, it becomes impossible to work!
    Thus, the habit is developed by the method of small punishment. The secret dream of many about a man with a stick behind his back has practically come true. A program has appeared that ensures that you do not slouch and, which is especially nice, literally takes care of your health.

    You can try the first release, while it’s free, here
    At the moment, this interesting start-up is presented in the track BioTechMed, a startup acceleration contest of Generation S. startups.

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