Welcome to the community of Russian Map Makers

    We are pleased to announce that Map Maker is now working in Russia , an online tool that allows millions of people around the world to contribute to the development and improvement of Google Maps . With it, you can add little-known routes or favorite places, put on road maps and update existing data. Your changes after moderation will appear on Google Maps - both desktop and mobile , in the Google Earth service , as well as on other sites through the Google Maps API .

    How the Map Maker Community Helps Improve Maps Worldwide

    There are many examples of how our Maps are changing before our eyes. For example, it took a little less than 12 hours to reflect on Google Maps the absence of a bridge over the Skagit River , which partially collapsed in the northwestern United States in May 2013 . This was made possible thanks to ordinary users who promptly noted changes on Maps through the Map Maker service.

    A detailed map of Tbilisi appeared on Google Maps in 2011 thanks to the enormous contribution of the mapper Levan Beruchashvili , who, with the support of the National Civil Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, added roads, streets, houses and other objects to Google Maps for several years.

    We’re pleased that not only individual users, but sometimes organizations or entire administrative units are involved in improving Google Maps. The government of Andhra Pradesh in India, together with the Ministry of Information Technology, has implemented a detailed mapping project for the Varangal County. Mappers-volunteers put on the maps more than 1,000 remote villages, 11,000 roads, 16,000 sights and significant objects (gas stations, pharmacies, etc.), 400 administrative institutions (hospitals, schools, banks, etc.) and others objects.

    We hope that with the launch of the Map Maker service in Russia soon, we will be able to share with the whole world the successes of the Russian community of cartographers.

    Want a Stat Map Maker?

    Read about Map Maker in our detailed help , watch video tutorials from our YouTube playlist, and join the ever-growing community of people editing Google Maps . If you have any questions, we are waiting for you at our Russian-language forum about Maps .

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