The court banned the work of Uber in Germany


    A court in Frankfurt issued a ruling prohibiting the Uber taxi operator from transporting passengers in Germany. The ban is temporary, and the company plans to appeal the decision.

    The reason for the trial was the complaint of the German Association of taxi operators - its representatives claimed that Uber violates German laws on the carriage of passengers. The court agreed with these arguments - in his opinion, Uber attracts drivers who are not registered as taxi drivers, and also do not have appropriate insurance, which violates the law.

    As a result, Uber will have to pay a fine of 250 thousand euros ($ 328 108) - its representatives have already stated that they will appeal this decision. In addition, Uber does not plan to stop working in Germany until the decision of the higher court.

    Taxi Uber is represented in 42 countries and more than 200 cities. Earlier in Germany, bans on the company’s activities were already imposed, but they concerned individual cities - for example, Berlin . According to Uber, Germany is one of the fastest growing European markets for the company.

    In addition to Germany, Uber had problems in Brussels, where the Court has also endured a resolution on the prohibition of the service activity. Claims to the company imposesauthorities in Seoul, and in London and Paris, local taxi drivers protested against the service (in the French capital, there were even cases of attacks on Uber cars).

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