How to start a Landing Page in 4 minutes?

This post is about how we, solving our own problem, created a service that already solves the problems of hundreds of entrepreneurs today. But first things first.

At the beginning of 2012, while working on a gift project, we first encountered the problem of low conversion. Users visited the site, uploaded their photos, but the conversion in payment was only 0.024%. From these figures, not only the mood worsened, but also the financial condition of the entire company. At that time, we were residents of the business incubator of the IT park of Naberezhnye Chelny and, as part of the educational program, attended the Start in Garage course. There for the first time we were told in detail about the Landing Page: what problems solve and how they work. We decided to try this technology in our project. In just 4 days, after working through several simple Landing Page options, we were able to increase the conversion rate in payments to 2.1%. Inspired by this achievement, we made several selling pages for our acquaintances - the result was good: the number of applications from direct increased 1.5-4 times.

Then we decided to try ourselves in the commercial development of the Landing Page. After several months of work, we encountered the following problem: made a landing page, received payment, a week later the client asked me to change the title, then the color of the button, then put a comma, etc. We tell him: “Give access to ftp,” and he wonders and does not understand what is at stake. And we spend half the working day getting access and making minor edits.


There was no tool on the market where all Landing Pages were accessible from one account, and both developers and clients would have access to them. What was needed was a solution that would allow editing the layout through the html editor and have access to it.


For 3 weeks, we developed the first version of the service, where we placed the Landing Page of some of our customers. We added a domain binding, an invitation to participants and implemented a simple html editor. Our customers liked this development - they began to make changes on their own, without distracting us from the work process. Then we launched a small selling page with a description of the project’s capabilities for collecting contact information - we were interested in who else needed such a service. And when after 5 days the number of people wishing to use the product exceeded 100, it became clear to us that LPCloud needed to be developed.

Based on the requests of the first users, we compiled a list of necessary functions that must be implemented before the beta version of the service

is launched: - a small CRM for accounting applications with email notifications;
- loading layout and working with it in an online html editor;
- Editing Landing Page through a visual editor;
- AB testing;
- sharing mode;
- Gallery of free Landing Page templates;
- analytics;
- domain binding.


Initially, we did not immediately develop all the intended functionality, but decided to conduct iterative development with testing on the first users. Thanks to this, now it takes only 4 minutes to create a Landing Page:

1) upload your layout (LPCloud works with statics);
2) forms are configured automatically;
3) bind your domain;
4) invite, if necessary, users (for example: coders, marketers, etc.);
5) Landing Page is ready to use.

If you want to quickly test a hypothesis, then you can use ready-made templates from our gallery. All templates are free and have adaptive layout. Use the visual or html editor to make changes to the template, bind the domain and begin testing.

In total, it took us 5 months to develop the project. In the next post we will talk about the technical subtleties of developing a service. In the meantime, we will be glad to see you among users of the open beta version of LPCloud. Try what is now , express your ideas, wishes and comments!

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