What is my browser? Staff telepath leaves vacation

    Today Valera went to your site and found that the Main Feature does not work on it. Yesterday I was still working, but today - no. He immediately contacted technical support with an exhaustive letter:
    Again NOTHING works! When is it going to be fixed?

    A quick check showed that everything is in order on the site - the layout did not move out, the main features are available. What is the standard response of a support service in this situation? That's right: "Sorry, all telepaths are on vacation with us."

    And the clarification of the details begins:

    - What is your browser?
    - Well, so blue.
    - I see, but what version?
    - Version? Windows
    - No, Windows is an operating system. What browser version is it?
    - And where to look?

    Etc. But we have not yet reached the screen resolution and language settings.

    In general, gathering information about a user's browser is a pain.

    It is solved simply. We give the user a link to a page that collects the necessary information for the support service. Quickly and not annoying person.

    On the English-speaking Internet there are several services for collecting information about the browser. But even the best of them have disadvantages:
    • Many users are completely lost when they see the text in English, and are not able to even click on the Copy button .
    • The source code is closed, it will not work to embed a similar diagnosis on your site.

    In RuNet with alternatives worse. From decent - only internet.yandex.ru , which meets a friendly inscription:
    Attention: if you haven’t personally contacted Yandex Support for help, do not send information to anyone on this page.

    In addition, it may not be obvious to the user how to collect information from him. The most noticeable call to action on the page - the huge button "Download a new Yandex browser" - is not related to the collection of diagnostics.

    In general, meet a staff telepath for your tech support - whatbrowser.ru :

    • A minimalistic page with the only obvious option.
    • Collects all the main indicators (browser and OS versions, user agent, flash, cookies, Java, permission, language).
    • The source codes are open, it is easy to embed similar functionality on your website (detailed instructions on the github).

    More information could be gathered: plugins supported by HTML5 and CSS3 features. If you need them - write in the comments!

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