On e-bikes in Russia or in search of sockets outside the Moscow Ring Road

    “Are you sure of your approach?” Do you have 240 sockets? Then we will go to you! ”

    Last year’s experience has already shown the success of “intergalactic flights” on electricity, as well as adjusted the entry point to the group of adventurers from two to 4 kWh - this would allow to travel 200 km without recharging and therefore increase the average mileage per day. Therefore, in the spring new transport was assembled and closer to mid-summer a test drive was arranged to Ryazan and back. The corresponding video is attached:

    It was impossible to lower the degree. Therefore, the plans were grandiose:

    MSC-Vladimir-NN-Kazan-Perm-Ekb-Chelyabinsk-Ufa-Samara-Volsk-Penza \ Saratov-Tambov-MSC

    A total of 4000 with a penny of kilometers. The schedule was quite tight, it was necessary to meet the typical 25-28 calendar days - holidays, alas, not rubber. Depending on the time, a hook was planned to Voronezh to Gubkin to old acquaintances, and I also really wanted to check how the XT60 left in the shield last year was doing there in Zadonsk.

    Initially, 6 people entered the adventure, but in the end only four went. This is me, Andrey (AndreyM), Kolya (Nick_DR), and Alexey (FasR7). In fact, last year’s train drove minus Amarantus.

    At 9 in the morning of the day “X” everyone is charged, assembled and ready to leave:

    The first day and the first surprises - it was originally planned to be in the Lower by evening, but fate decreed otherwise. The drive in the house, in which friends were waiting for us at an intermediate pit stop in Vladimir, could not withstand the load and fused. Because of the 12 squares of the underwater luminace, snot 0.75mm² went on to two apartments. How they have not blazed until now, given the presence of teapots and washers - only God knows. In general, we changed the snot, put 5mm² there on the apartment and the process started. But the day was irretrievably lost. Therefore, the morning of the next day we met as before in Vladimir:

    We got to Nizhny Novgorod relatively quickly, although the second day was also not without the unexpected. Kolya, having managed to reach the city a little earlier than us, got up to charge there and pulled the throttle stick to light up the display. In vain, in vain did he do it, because in the latest controller firmware, this could lead to its bang (which sobsno happened). Fortunately, we had a reserve and we rushed to his rescue:

    Attach yourself to this, and rush 80+ with a flow rate of 40. Two times faster and two times more economical. During the trip, even my own classification of donors appeared:

    Suburban trainAn old Kamaz loaded with ground \ vegetables to the eyeballsSpeed ​​60 in a straight line, 55 uphill, 65 downhill. Usually they go no further than 20 km from their city / village. Hence the name
    SuitcaseSuburban train with trailerSpeed ​​70 in a straight line, 45 uphill, 65 downhill. Faster up the hill just does not stretch the engine. Usually found on the hauls between neighboring villages. The name comes from the shape of the last “car” - it resembles a suitcase on wheels
    Long-distance trainsRegular truckSpeed ​​80 in a straight line, 75 uphill, 90 downhill. Accelerates downhill to facilitate entry into it. They are found everywhere, they travel at least 100 km along the highway, sometimes right from city to city, it’s a pity only, they usually turn off to eat halfway :)
    Peregrine falconParticularly nimble wagonSpeed ​​90-95 in a straight line, 97 uphill, 110 downhill. They again accelerate downhill to facilitate entry into it. Outwardly, it is no different from an ordinary truck, you won’t understand until you sit down. However, if the controller allows it, you can rush after it.

    In general, we were in Nizhny by the evening, we even tried to find the PEC office to send the dead controller back to the MSC under warranty, but did not have time for 5 minutes before it was closed.

    We spent the night at the apartment of the veteran of the Second World War, the grandfather of one of the friends of the forum users. We told him that yes, how it works for us, and he tells us about the city. At 5 a.m., Alexei and I, having won a dream, went for a ride on the Nizhny Novgorod metro and cable car through the Volga. Impressions are unforgettable.

    True, the morning adventures did not go completely without a trace, closer to dinner, and while Andrei and Kolya sent the controller to the PEC, Alexei was knocked out right on his couch :)

    They didn’t reach Kazan right away, they got up with tents at night by the Sura River:

    In Kazan itself, local electric bikers were waiting for us with their cultural program in parks, the city and beaches:

    Special mention is worth the evening exercises. Again ... yes, wiring, but a little different from what you thought. How was it: in the evening, the whole village suddenly turned off the light. We even joked that at first one house was cut down, now the village is not far from the city. The owner reassured and said that this was a frequent occurrence. And without any second thoughts went started the generator. Which ... fanfares ... plugged into an ordinary outlet through ... again fanfares ... 0.75 squares. The generator of course started, and even worked. Minutes 5. Then there was a clap, and everyone understood what had happened. In general, the generator carrier was also pumped, and the bikes were turned off from harm's way, otherwise it was poor and barely worked, if the water pump from the well had connected, it would have stopped completely. However, after half an hour they gave light and the process went the normal way.

    On the way to Perm, there were two significant events, which are not included in the general report - just blasphemy. Firstly, near Izhevsk we found a gorgeous “separation of the revolutions ” among some abandoned huts:

    So far, only Andrei and I were turned on, everything worked fine, but when Alexey still stuck in, this business snapped up. A machine inside, respectively, outside the access zone. Therefore, each creature was organized in a pair of phases:

    and secondly, the next morning, when we were driving 150km from the overnight stay and started to recharge, my power supply almost instantly flickered. So I got a “cargo 200”, which I carried all the way to Ufa (where I finally got to the post office and sent it to myself in the MSC). I had to charge after Alexei, and with a delay of 3 hours, already at night, I drove into the city alone. Considering that in the morning on a shortcate from the place of the night (primer with holes in the wheel and a comb from the tractors), I still fell off one of the two headlights, it was not very pleasant. The next day, they restored my headlight, figured out what to do with charging - we had one for 3 kW right away, i.e. it was possible to solder "SharePoint" and to copy two bikes from it at once one and a half. They left the city through the Kama hydroelectric station, a magnificent structure:

    Unfortunately, such a friendly sun did not last long, and all the remaining 400 km to Yekaterinburg had to be spent under heavy rain and thunderstorms, which caused two breakdowns. Firstly, in the ECB itself, as it turned out, everyone had a failure on the display keyboards - in the rain at the speed they were stratified, water got on the contacts and hi, neither unlock the e-mail, nor switch the profile. And secondly, according to the good old tradition, Kolya, flying forward, got into the very center of the thunderstorm and stood up for charging there. As he later told, in the house of builders, where he asked for a power outlet, he was shandarakhan four times. People spilled out of it like ants with shouts of "light flies there." Naturally, all the electrics were burned, it is not clear just how miraculously the charging of the e-bike itself survived and, in general, it led itself. A 5v stabilizer flew out of the controller and it could only go in sensorless mode, because power was not supplied to the halls. All this was eliminated in Yekaterinburg, the placement in which is also worthy of a separate mention - this is a radio engineering college, in agreement with the director:

    Andrei was optimistic that the road to Chelyabinsk would be nicer, ha! Even worse, because before Ekb it was at least warm, and here it was also cold:

    One way or another, but we got to Chelyabinsk, and there we were awarded the very medals that were at the very beginning of the article. While we were having lunch in a cafe, there was a very brave girl who dared to approach the crowd of guys and ask whose bike there was a bit apart. The girl turned out to be a motorcyclist with experience, the bike turned out to be mine, and after conducting educational program for what was what, transferred control to her. First with bags, then the bags were removed and sent to ride away. She returned on foot and with a slightly folded steering wheel - some local bombard cut her when leaving the yard. Urgently delivered her to the emergency room and waited for a diagnosis - it's okay.

    The next item on the plan was Miass, where another breakdown awaited us:

    winding fumlenta alas, did not help, so just put a spring there. Was Fox Float, became Fox Vanila =) And so we went. The road to Ufa was remembered by serpentines with gorgeous views and the moment when I had to mess with a dozen kilometers, because My charge was still common with Andrei, and I thought that they were still ahead. Or rather, I pushed uphill, flew 50 from a hill, and vomited 15 in a straight line. But on the other hand, the Lukoil refueling I got turned out to be extremely good - it pulled 5 kW without drawdown even when carrying it (230v)

    Ufa threw us problems - a freshly detected bug when charging through the controller - if the charge time exceeds 6 hours (left at night with low power), that is, there is a non-zero probability of opening both phase arms on top of each other due to a timer overflow. Therefore, by morning I received a non-working controller:

    Fetas were soldered (the second one also died), the driver was fixed, the technique worked. Of course, we lost a little time on this, but on the other hand, we conducted a cultural program - the center, photos, movies. I will not bring such a banal thing anymore, it’s enough that I fell out along the Lower. We reached Volsk (Andrei’s homeland) without any problems, except that the second half of the trip was in the rain, and the last 100km was after midnight, and I was cut down not in a little way. 5 I found myself on the side of the road, caught consciousness a couple of times on the oncoming lane, and once head-on with the oncoming gazelle - after which the whole dream was lifted. We disconnected in Volsk - after what I had experienced before Volsk, I thought with Alexey that we should go to Tambov overnight, Kolya and Andrei decided to rush through all 600 in one fell swoop. So we left a day earlier and on the same night, Andrey and Kolya lost another controller - the same bug with night charging (then no one knew what the reason for my bang was, it was assumed that the Fet was tired), so we got a handicap day. They repaired the controller, but lost a day on this. In general, from Volsk to Tambov through Penza the road passed without escesses,

    but after Tambov, when Alexei had already driven 100km towards Moscow, the bearings of the front hub collapsed. Moreover, we heard them in Tambov, twisted on the weight, realized that they were backlash, but decided that they still went a bit (500km), because there was no place to look for an imported bearing on Saturday. And on Monday he had to go to work already. I did not know whether I would go directly or whether I would still wait for Andrey and Kolya and rush with them to Gubkin, so I stayed. In general, at 5am Sunday, a rescue mission was compelled, and I finally decided on the route:

    So we went on and went with Lech, until we were stopped by the "neighing" gayts:

    it was already far from the first time, but the first when the camera hung on me. There was nothing left before Moscow, and at 12 at night we were within the Moscow Ring Road.

    A bit of a dry statistic. Loss list:

    1 supply in a residential building (sloppy electricians)
    3 keyboards on the displays (rain)
    4 controllers (three due to bugs, one lightning)
    1 plug (that's for sure a surprise)
    1 bush bearing (most likely due to rain)
    2 charges (mine - possibly because of the input filter bit out of it for lightening and Alexey - the throttle fell off the vibrations, soldered on the same day)

    total mileage - 4500km, out of 22 days of the total travel time directly on the road - 15 days. 5 hours of driving are interspersed with 2..3 hours of charge, respectively, you can do three full circles per day, 500 km

    ps I usually try to make a review clip, but in this case there is so much material that its creation will drag on for an indefinite period. Therefore - so far, only the text and the playlist from the selected entries , generally covering the entire time interval

    update, and here is the main video:

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