64-bit Chrome released

    Earlier, we wrote that the developers of the Google Chrome web browser released in beta a long-awaited version of the browser with native support for 64-bit versions of Windows 7-8-8.1. Now this version has been released and is available for download on the Google Chrome download page (English version of the Google Chrome website). The browser download web page contains a special link with the text "Windows 64-bit", which leads to the download of the installer of the new version. As we wrote earlier, this version of Chrome introduces additional security mitigations to counter exploits, in particular, support for the persistent ASLR mechanism that appeared in Windows 8. The browser has also redesigned mechanisms for working with memory, the so-called. Partition alloc, which introduces an additional level of security when working with objects in the memory of the virtual address space of browser tab processes.

    It should be noted that despite the fact that the 64-bit version of Chrome has been released, it, in fact, is not yet the main version of the browser for 64-bit Windows 7-8-8.1 (it remains the 32-bit version). This is obvious, because to download it, the user needs to click on the additional link on the site (the so-called opt-in version). Also in the new version of Chrome there will be no support for 32-bit NPAPI browser plug-ins.

    At this point 64-bit will remain opt-in , so to take advantage of the improvements click on the new “Windows 64-bit” link on the Chrome download page. Currently, the only significant known issue is the lack of 32-bit NPAPI plugin support . The 32-bit channel will remain fully supported for the foreseeable future and we will continue to support 32-bit plugins until NPAPI is removed from Chrome.

    be secure.

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