Russians are advised to abandon the iPhone and choose domestic smartphones

    In Russia, consumers continue to accelerate to instill a love of domestic products. This time, the chairman of the Central Election Commission, Vladimir Churov, distinguished himself by giving a lecture last weekend with a lecture at the Seliger youth forum. At the event, Churov was presented with a set of souvenirs, where among other “goodies” was an iPhone case with national symbols and an image of Russian cities. According to RIA Novosti, the chairman said literally the following: “Why for the iPhone case? You all know that the iPhone is popular, but you must gradually abandon the “iPhones” and switch to domestic devices. Maybe in the future they will be even better. " In addition, Churov noted that he would prefer to install magnets that were among the souvenirs exclusively on domestic products.

    Unfortunately, the news replicated on Internet resources cannot boast of clarification of a number of important details. For example, was the cover specifically for the iPhone not specially presented, or does Churov really use the products of the American company Apple? If not, which “dialer” does the official prefer? In addition, if we are talking about Russian devices, it would be nice to tell compatriots which brands can be considered “native”. The first comes to mind is "rastirazhirovanny» YotaPhone, some thoughts about his "Russian soul" at one time shared my colleague Django_unchained .

    The domestic market did not experience a special lack of “Russian” smartphones either now or even a year ago. And the brands themselves do not complain about sales. Take at least an Explay,According to the GfK report , in the first nine months of 2013, the brand showed sales growth of almost 24 times. Not so long ago, sales began of Explay 4Game, a 4G-smartphone with Nvidia Tegra 4i for a moderate 10 990 rubles (~ $ 305), which clearly does not pull on a branded alteration from Chinese catalogs.

    The same report ranks third with fivefold sales growth - Highscreen, which in 2013 developed a development division with three dozen employees. Their first OEM product was Highscreen Zera F (the other day the second version of the device appeared), a bit later - Zera S (the sequel is also already on the shelves). The fate of the latest model line, Zera U. is unknown.

    Who else can you remember? Of course, teXet, this is what the brand says: “At the stage of development and preparation for serial production, each new product goes through a complete customization cycle (from writing special software to preparing product design and packaging). In accordance with international standards, all devices are subjected to rigorous checks and tests at the development stage at the Alkotel production site in St. Petersburg. "

    Of the newcomers, one recalls a certain bb-mobile, which has already managed to fill up the Runet with information lines with headlines such as “Russian all-metal tablets”. It is alleged that the brand offers only original Russian developments (but it does not hesitate to cleanly copy the top Samsung and Apple tablets), although I could not find details on this. Nevertheless, in social networks bb-mobile miraculously plays on patriotism with Soviet-style demotivators (I won’t bring it here, anyone who wants it will find it without difficulty).

    In general, senior civil servants should be more competent in discussions about the mobile market. Because neither Russian consumers, nor domestic brands really complain about life: the former rejoice at the choice of dozens and hundreds of relatively inexpensive models, and the latter more than successfully occupy their place in the sun and increase sales.

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