Russian Railways and nuclear engineers will create a synergy operating system based on Linux

    Russian Railways together with the Russian Federal Nuclear Center (RFNC-VNIIEF, Sarov) will develop the domestic operating system "Synergy" based on the Linux OS, the newspaper "Vedomosti" reports .

    According to the representative of Russian Railways, cooperation with the Sarov nuclear center involves the development of a basic platform for the implementation and execution of business applications, which will include a version of the Linux operating system (OS) compatible with other components of the platform. Initially, the nuclear center developed its own operating system at the initiative of Rosatom in order to solve the issues of information security and import substitution of system-wide software. It soon became clear that Russian Railways was moving in the same direction, and it was decided to join forces.

    A pilot version of the operating system has already been written and is now being tested by the Sarov Nuclear Center. Based on the underlying Linux kernel, Synergy will eventually allow you to abandon the Windows operating system that the center is currently using.

    Company representatives refused to talk about the amount of costs for the new OS and the number of programmers involved in the project.

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