What else is new in Windows Phone 8.1?

    At the same time as the Lumia Cyan update from Windows Phone 8.1 began to roll out on users ’devices, it became known about the availability of live lock screens in the“ App Store ”, a teaser of which was shown back in April / Build . The Live Lock Screen application is now in beta, but now it can be downloaded by every updated user or developer usingWP 8.1 Developer Preview.

    Also, a little earlier it was announced the appearance of the official file manager in the form of a simple and convenient “Files” application .

    Live Lock Screen Beta

    Previously, Windows Phone users were satisfied with the choice between static images (which could be selected in the settings) and a number of applications that, for example, allow you to configure the change of images or set the likeness of widgets . With the Live Lock Screen Beta application, the number of ways to personalize Lockscreen has significantly increased.

    The application includes a number of original and customizable designs, mainly differing in the appearance of the watch, which you can see in the screenshots below.

    In each of the options, the elements of the live screen move when the lock screen is shifted.

    By default, the application offers a standard background image, but users have many options for customization. For example, you can enable the Photo Bing option and then the application will upload a high-resolution image from the search engine collection daily. Also, users can select several images from their photo disc and adjust the period of their automatic change (you can choose from an hour, every 4 hours, every 12 hours or daily), and minimalism lovers can set a color accent (the main color of the system).


    Despite its simplicity, a file manager can help users organize the internal space of their Lumia. Moreover, it is worth considering that this is the first of its kind application for WP8.

    “Files” have a classic functionality for programs of their type, allowing you to find and access files stored in the phone’s memory or on an SD card, as well as copy, move, rename and delete them.

    At the same time, the main system files will be closed from any user actions for security purposes. This is fully justified - they are unlikely to be happy to accidentally delete them and turn an excellent smartphone into a simple brick.

    Users can also create folders for organizing important files and documents. For example, you can distribute personal and working documents, notes and texts into folders of the same name. Well, not for us to tell you.

    “Files” allows you to select any document or archive and send it by e-mail, via Bluetooth, or upload it to OneDrive as well as to dialogs on social networks (though it depends on the type of content selected).

    Another key feature of the Files application is the ability to understand how much memory a particular folder takes. A long press allows you to select the property option and see how many megabytes or gigabytes it occupies in the smartphone's memory.

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