Google will have to return the steering wheel and pedals to their robotic cars

    Not so long ago, Google demonstrated the concept of a robotic car, as developers themselves see it. No steering wheel, no pedals - only the button "go" (figuratively speaking). In general, really a car of the future.

    But the desire of the developers is one thing, and the opinion of the legislators is quite another. So, in the department of vehicles in California, USA, they decided that they would have to return the steering wheel and pedal system to Google cars. According to officials, at any time, the driver must have the physical ability to drive a vehicle.

    Of course, the corporation had to agree with this, and now the developers will return the car control system for a person, only make the pedals and steering wheel small, temporary - to enable the driver to check this system during a test run on a prototype robot car.

    California lawmakers are now working on new rules that govern driving without a steering wheel and pedals. But before the practical implementation of such a law a lot of time will pass. So you have to ride on robotic cars with physical controls for humans.

    By the way, the same legislators prohibit corporations from releasing robotic trucks and motorbikes for test rides on California roads. Apparently, the time has not yet come for such vehicles. As for cars, according to Google developers, they will begin to travel on the roads in a couple of years. Now Google is thinking about how robotic cars can serve people as an automated service, for example, a taxi.

    Via arstechnica

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