How to protect nuclear power plants from hackers


    Nuclear and hydroelectric power stations, oil and gas pipelines, factories, transportation networks (metro and high-speed trains), as well as many other systems vital to humanity, are controlled by various computer technologies. Vulnerabilities and security errors in such industrial systems can lead to disruption of urban life - for example, a malfunction in urban transport can lead to large-scale collapse.

    Security issues for critical infrastructures were given significant attention at the Positive Hack Days IV forum, which was held in Moscow this May. In particular, we held a spectacular contestCritical Infrastructure Attacks: participants had to seize control of a robot manipulator, a cargo crane, transport management systems and city energy supply (street lighting) presented at a specially created stand.

    In the competitive infrastructure, SCADA systems and controllers were used, which are actually used at many critical facilities in a wide variety of industries: factories and hydroelectric power stations, urban transport management, and the oil and gas industry. Participants found several previously unknown vulnerabilities in these systems in a few hours - this is really scary news.

    The discussion about the analysis of the security of automated process control systems and the investigation of security incidents of critical facilities will be continued as part of our educational program. On Thursday, August 21 at 2 pm, Ilya Karpov’s free webinar will be held on Positive Technologies website. Ilya will talk about security analysis methods and approaches to the study of the safety of industrial systems.

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