Creation of an online store in Russia and the CIS: we select the best contractor from the rating of TOP-10 web studios

    In search of the best way to create an online store, I could not ignore a number of companies offering their services in this field - that is, web studios. Therefore, I offer for general familiarization a brief overview of the studios that are in the top

    So, after familiarizing myself with the popular engines of "domestic production", which I already wrote about in a previous article, I continued to search.

    My next step was to search for a web studio, since customization of standard products offered by developers of various CMS to their own needs is almost inevitable and is most likely just a matter of time.

    This time my first step was the formation of a specific technical task, which I sent to all web studios included intop 10 ratings by the number of stores created. I formed my request as a task of medium complexity, excluding everything that, in fact, does not apply to web design (hosting, domain registration and everything related to CMS).

    In the meantime, waiting for answers, I began, so to speak, to “meet by the clothes,” that is, get acquainted with the official websites of web studios. At the same time, he was guided by the logic that if a studio can make a decent website for itself, then it can make a good store for its client.

    Ural Soft

    Description of the official site is not unambiguous. On the one hand, the “teenage” site design is alarming. It also seems that the engine on which the site is made is a bit outdated and weak.
    On the other hand, the successful location of many interface elements on an unreasonably small page area is quite convenient, which indicates the creativity of designers.

    Representations based on the information provided on the Ural-Soft website, the company has only one office in the city of Yekaterinburg.

    Specialization - the following list of services is posted on the site:
    • promotion;
    • website development and design;
    • hosting and domain registration.

    As for the types of sites - Ural-software offers the development of any site from a business card to an online store.

    Portfolio - the portfolio contains many templates for all types of sites, in general about 2500. As for the stores, they make up about half (more than 1000 according to the filter).

    Ready-made online stores in general are very good. Separately, it is worth noting the convenience and originality of the design of some of them. However, this product is also not without drawbacks: in the process of familiarization and taking into account the simple functionality, it became clear to me that the corporate sites of Ural-software are much more successful than stores.

    Using CMS- UralCMS has its own development, on the basis of which the company develops both corporate sites and stores. Other CMS are not used.

    Price, offer options - the creation of a store will cost from 15,000 rubles, and the basic cost of design development from 5,000 rubles in the minimum package of services “Economy” and up to 40,000 rubles in the package “Premium”.

    The number of days of development - the deadline for the creation of an online store is 5 working days. Design work also takes 5 days at the minimum package and up to 15 - 20 days at the maximum.

    Online Store Promotion- the site provides several packages of services for promotion, there is both a one-time package and monthly packages. The cost of each package to promote both sites and stores is 7000 rubles.

    Certificates - not provided.

    Reviews - it’s a little difficult to find vivid reviews, since under the same name “Ural-Soft” there is not one third-party project or company that is not related to the web studio that interests us. The reviews found that were specific to the Ural software we needed were very uninformative and had a large share of subjectivity. However, in a nutshell, I can say that it was a too high price regarding the quality of the product.
    I did not find reviews on the site itself.


    Description of the official site - the overall impression is not the best. All the time it seems that the company keeps something secret or sells you a pig in a poke ... As for a web studio, there is almost no design, there are not even the same type of icons. The site is not very informative, there is a number of important information (at least for me), in addition, the online consultant posted on the site turned out to be “dead" - no one answered me for more than an hour.

    Representative offices- only the Moscow representative office.

    Specialization - the company positions itself as universal:
    • development of all types of sites;
    • promotion;
    • hosting;
    • contextual advertising services on Google and Yandex.

    Portfolio - contains about one and a half hundred examples of sites: shops, business card sites and corporate sites, however, due to the lack of the ability to filter samples by type, it is extremely difficult to remove only stores from the total number. All samples viewed, mostly unpretentious, traced the stereotyped design decisions. Starting from about 6-7 pages of the portfolio, there are outdated templates. Some of them are frankly tasteless.

    The “Before and After” section is also presented, which contains screenshots of about a dozen sites, including stores, before and after the redesign.

    Using CMS- has its own CMS, whose name I have not met on the pages of the site. There is a demo version, which, according to the order of work described on the site, is provided to you only at the second stage after agreeing on the cost and time of the project. Training you to use it is attached only at the 6th of the 8 stages of the work procedure.

    Price, offer options - from 14,900 rubles for the minimum version of an online store and up to 49900.

    Number of development days - store development takes from 10 days to 20 days, depending on the option.

    Online Store Promotion- judging by the information presented in the "Promotion" section, the company in this sense works for the result. That is, it all depends on how many visitors per day you want to receive. The required number must be reported to the manager - that’s all: there is no clear package of services, no price list. This pricing policy applies to all types of sites.

    Certificates - not submitted.

    Reviews - are available on the main page of the official website in the form of scanned copies with a seal of thanks both in general for professionalism and personally to company employees.
    The network of reviews about this studio is very much and very different. Among them are explicit custom comments about how terrible and beautiful this studio is, where the same moments are mainly praised and spread rot: terms, prices, functionality, design quality, level of professionalism and general decency of the company.


    Description of the official site - in general, the site is quite convenient and understandable, but the design is a bit rustic. At times, an overabundance of text on the pages raises the question of improving the organization of content. Roughly speaking, an online consultant is for beauty, since having posed an elementary question and having waited a long switch from manager to manager, I did not receive a clear answer in almost an hour of “communication”. So the price indicated is more likely a consequence of a logical conclusion than confirmed data obtained from a reliable source (why answer a simple advertising letter with a link to a demo to a simple question posed through an online consultant about the approximate average cost version and user manual? I still do not understand).

    Representative Offices- There are representative offices in Moscow, Kirov and Minsk.

    Specialization - TradeSoft specializes in various products for the automotive business: for auto repair shops and parts stores. As for design, the picture is the same - only automotive topics.

    Portfolio - presented about fifty examples of stores of fairly good quality, but only automotive topics.

    Using CMS - they work with their own Web AutoResource engine, which is also focused on automotive topics. There is also a mention of Bitrix on cmsmagazine, however, I did not come across TradeSoft information confirming this.

    Price, offer options- The base cost of the system is 96,000 rubles. Design development at TradeSoft Company - from 49,500.
    The cost of products ranges from 9990 to 157990 rubles, depending on the selected tool for the sale of AutoIntellect auto parts. There is also a number of paid add-ons that are likely to be needed by those who want to have a good trading platform. These are such additions as: “Table of orders” (from 3700 rubles), “Catalog” (1900 rubles), “Accounting of goods and services” (from 2990 rubles).

    Number of development days - the base system on the TradeSoft server complex is installed within 5 working days. Design development takes 2-3 months. Subsequent customization of the created design or the customer’s own design - from 10 working days.

    Online Store Promotion- the company is not engaged in promotion.

    Certificates - not provided.

    Reviews - on the site itself there are several dozen customer reviews in the form of short text messages. Of course, they are all positive and relate to the quality of the company's products.
    Those reviews that I managed to find on the network were also extremely positive. They talked about the absence of failures, stability and speed of the system, as well as the responsiveness and professionalism of the developers.


    Description of the official site - the overall impression of the company’s site is mixed. Yes, the site is outwardly rustic (and for some reason it reminds me more of a blog), but navigation on it is quite convenient and the corporate identity for the logo is sustained in the overall design. The content is useful and informative. After reviewing the company’s website, it becomes clear that Fast-Sales do not directly provide design and store development services, as there is no data on this on the website. And this from the point of view of this acquaintance is a serious minus.

    Representative offices - a representative office in Ulyanovsk is indicated.

    Specialization- the company provides promotion services and sells its own CMS. The site does not provide any information regarding design services, from which we can conclude that Fast-Sales does not deal with it. However, in this case, the question of how this company got into the top 5 of the rating remains open.

    Portfolio- represented by a number of simple but fairly neat shops. However, the stores listed in the portfolio can hardly be called “original” or “stuffed with functionality” - basically, these are mid-level stores with a slightly outdated appearance. This circumstance can be explained by the fact that the portfolio was formed quite a long time ago and has not been updated for a long time, since several domains listed in the portfolio currently have completely different designs, rather than the ones shown in the screenshots.

    Price, offer options - the revision of the engine for the online store costs 10,900 rubles.

    Using CMS - uses its own CMS Fast-Sales Pro.

    Online Store Promotion- the site does not indicate any specific tariffs or descriptions of promotion services. All that is available to the user in the "Promotion" section is the application submission form.

    Certificates - a certified partner of

    Reviews - the reviews found on the network were mostly positive, but they concerned only the engine. As for the services provided by the studio, I did not find any reviews.
    The reviews presented on the website also concern the engine.

    Web robot

    The description of the official site is generally a pretty good and interesting site, and also quite convenient: animated elements, convenient presentation of goods and services, fairly convenient navigation, informative content and a convenient currency switch that converts prices from rubles to dollars and vice versa. However, this site is not without drawbacks: an overabundance of content per square centimeter in the center and a lot of free space at the edges of pages, links are sometimes more than the main text, which is why it is not easy to concentrate on reading. There is also a small layout layout at the very top of the site, right under the basket icon.

    Representative offices - only Moscow Specialization is indicated

    - the company provides a really wide range of services, some of which are not found among competitors viewed:

    • development and design of online stores;
    • layout and programmer services;
    • layout and programmer services 1C;
    • content manager services;
    • design of printed materials.

    Portfolio - represented by a dozen stores created on ShopScript. The design shown in the examples is pretty good and, as for me, is above average, but it’s not particularly original.

    Using CMS - Shop-Script.

    Price, offer options - drawing a unique design worth from 20,000 rubles. The cost of layout layout with integration into WebAsyst developed at the studio is 15,000 rubles. Layout with integration from 10 000 rubles. Purchase of a finished design - from 2000 to 15000. Development of a vector logo - 7000 rubles. Transfer of the finished design from another platform - 7000 rubles. A number of other design services - from 500 to 20,000 rubles.

    The number of days of development- unique design from 7 working days, layout time with integration from 8 working days. Logo design - 5 days. In general, all design work can take up to 14 business days.

    Promotion of an online store - I did not find any information on promotion services on the company's website.

    Certificates - official partner and developer of NetCat, certificate "Hostmake". Regarding the NetCat certificate: on the site I have never come across any information that this company is working with this engine. Therefore, NetCat was not included in the list of used CMS.

    Reviews - there are very few reviews on this web-studio; we can say that there are none at all. Those that were found clearly belonged to the authorship of one person who wanted to promote his resource.


    Description of the official site - first of all, I note that in this case, the first thing I liked was the combination of colors. In general, the site is user friendly and does not cause any complaints.

    Representative offices - the company has a number of representative offices in Russia (the cities of Smolensk, Moscow, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Tula and Kaliningrad), as well as a representative office in Europe, namely in Germany.

    Specialization - among the services provided by the company:
    • development of various types of sites - both information and online stores;
    • promotion services,
    • contextual advertising services.

    Portfolio - there are many examples of sites of good quality and varying complexity. In some of them, non-standard design solutions are traced. Among the portfolio there are a number of designs of online stores of varying complexity.

    Price, offer options - the development of an information site ranges from 12,000 to 18,000 rubles, depending on the use of the design solution. The development of the store will cost 22,000. The

    number of days of development - the creation of the store takes from 10 to 12 days. The design itself is prepared after signing the development agreement and takes up to about 8 days, after which the sketch is agreed with the customer.

    Using CMS - Canape CMS own product, quite suitable for creating online stores.

    Promotion of an online store - there are several packages of promotion services that cost from 1,500 to 15,000 rubles.

    Certificates - not presented. Although the site talks about the Yandex.Direct certificate, as well as the availability of certified Google Adwords contextual advertising specialists.

    Reviews - I didn’t find reviews on the network from which useful information could be gleaned.
    The site has many positive reviews that state that the employees of this company work promptly, efficiently and professionally.

    Expert Plus

    Description of the official site - the site is user-friendly enough, and it should also be noted that it was Expert Plus that was the first company to send a response to my request. However, the official website is too “bland” as for a company providing web design and development services, and besides, I managed to notice some flaws in its creators.

    Representative Offices - several Moscow offices are indicated on the site.

    Specialization - Expert Plus provides services for:
    • website development for both corporate and online stores;
    • promotion;
    • design, including corporate identity development service.

    Portfolio - represented by a number of design samples of online stores of fairly average quality and with minimal functionality.

    Price, offer options - the average cost of an online store on Bitrix is ​​120,000 rubles. Separately, the design for Bitrix (drawing 4 pages) costs 45,000 rubles. The store price for ExpertPlusCMS depending on the design: with an individual design from 70,000, with a template from 15,000 rubles.

    The number of days of development - the creation of an individual store design both on its own engine and on Bitrix takes 5 to 7 days. Subsequent integration of the design takes: for Bitrix - about 5 days, for individual design on your own engine for about three weeks, including layout, integration and testing.
    The finished design starts in 1 day.

    Using CMS - the company will develop stores for Bitrix, as well as for its own product ExpertPlus CMS.

    Promotion of an online store - there are several packages of services for promotion, depending on the method of promotion. Package prices from 6,000 to 10,000 rubles.

    Certificates - are not presented on the site.

    Reviews - not found on the network. On the site there are only two reviews with a total semantic load of "Well done, everything is great." By the way, this is one of them.

    Website Image

    Description of the official site - the site is simple and quite convenient. I liked the color scheme and the fact that the design uses the same type of icons. I also liked the rather original design solutions and overall transparency - on the page of each design option there is a calculator with which you can quickly and easily get the answer to the question: “How much?”, That is, independently calculate the cost of the store itself and a number of additional services. It should also be noted that I have not seen in the portfolio of other companies: in the portfolio of the “Site Image” there is a clear distribution of adaptive and non-adaptive designs.
    However, one can not fail to note the presence of sometimes intrusive self-promotion in the content and the lack of reviews under the proposed designs.

    Representative Offices- On the website are representative offices in Kiev and Lviv. There is also a representative office in Russia, and specifically in St. Petersburg.

    Specialization - this company can offer:
    • development of online stores at ImageCMS Shop;
    • promotion services.
    • contextual advertising services.
    • hosting

    Portfolio - there are many above-average stores, among which there are quite original design solutions. The functional content of the stores listed in the portfolio is quite enough.

    Price, offer options - design development based on the finished template from 22578 to 29651 rubles, depending on the selected template. However, in this case there is one caveat. I took the prices presented here, based on the calculator on the site, where I selected the “Stylization” items for 9030 rubles and “Banner development” for 1320. Without these services, the prices range from 12,228 to 19,236 rubles — this is the cost of the engine and the template itself. All other works not included in the stylization are negotiated separately and evaluated in accordance with the time spent.
    The cost of an hour of work in this case is $ 20 - this figure was announced by the online consultant manager, since there is no detailed price list on the site.

    The number of days of development - there are two options in accordance with the time spent on the basis of the finished design: a store with improvements starts up to 7 days, without modifications - the store starts in a day.

    Using CMS - ImageCMS Shop engine.

    Promotion of an online store - several packages with prices ranging from 5400 to 17850 rubles are presented.

    Certificates - in this company the largest number of certificates on the site:
    • Google Analytics Certificate
    • Google Adwords Certificate
    • Google Partner Certificate
    • Gold Partner from ImageCMS.

    Reviews - in the reviews found on the network, you can find different things as always: there are reviews like “Worse no!”, But in general, most reviews reviewed rate this studio four.
    On the studio’s website itself, there are several dozens of positive reviews, backed up by scans and print.


    Description of the official site - in general, a rather convenient design with the presence of original elements. But this, perhaps, ends with all the positive impressions. Otherwise, the content is almost continuous self-promotion or the text is off topic: there are no specifics, no pricing, no time estimates, no descriptions of the services provided, no demos of the engine.
    Scrolling the site up and down several times, I never found out how much it would cost me about my store, created on their engine, and when I would receive it. The manager with whom I spoke through an online consultant was also unable to give me a clear answer.
    And excuse me for the “spoiler”, but the text of the sent reply also did not contain any specifics.
    Therefore, I’ll submit all the useful information found in the “Development of an online store” section below as a screenshot:

    Representative Offices - only the Moscow Representative Office is submitted on the site .

    Specialization - the company is engaged in:
    • the creation of various types of sites: information portals, corporate sites and online stores. The specifics of this studio is the development of “green sites”. Since there is no sensible explanation on the site what a “green site” is, I’ll try to give it myself based on the samples I’ve looked at: a “green site” is a site devoted to ecotematics, plants, etc .;
    • promotion of online stores.
    • contextual advertising services.

    Portfolio - represented by samples of online stores, corporate sites, information portals and "green" sites, a kind of "chips" of this studio. As for online stores specifically, all of them are mostly above average: sufficient functionality, design solutions are simple, but not very banal.

    Price, offer options - from 144 800 rubles, up to 268 000. The

    number of development days - from 40 to 80 days.

    Using CMS - Inspiro Siter's own product is used.

    Promotion of an online store - a basic package of services from 20,000 rubles per month.

    Certificates - are not presented on the site.

    Reviews - neither on the network nor on the site did not find.


    Description of the official site - a generally simple and convenient site. The content is informative and well served. Separately, it is worth noting the work of the manager who spoke with me through an online consultant: the answers to my questions were quick and on the topic, without too much self-promotion and water.

    Representative offices - the site contains data on the Moscow office and representative office in Krasnodar

    Specialization - the company can offer the following services to its clients:
    • development of corporate websites and online stores;
    • promotion services;
    • corporate identity development;
    • drawing designs, accompanied by the services of a copywriter.

    Portfolio - not very large, which presents samples of both corporate sites and online stores. Stores in general are average, but rather weak in terms of functionality and less original than samples of corporate sites.

    Price, offer options - the cost of design depends on complexity and ranges from 100,000 to 180,000 rubles. Development of an online store - from 300,000 rubles, regardless of whether the engine is Indynamic or a boxed one of a number of those with which the company works.

    The number of development days is about 14-17 days.

    Using CMS - there is its own Indynamic engine, and the company also works with a number of popular boxed CMS:
    • development of corporate websites and online stores;
    • Joomla
    • Drupal
    • Wordpress
    • Bitrix
    • Netcat
    • UMI.CMS.

    Promotion of an online store - the website presents several options for promotion, the price of most options is the same (20,000 rubles), but this list contains a couple more service packages, the cost of which is determined either as% of sales or the cost of a click.

    Certificates - the following certificates are presented on the company's website:
    • development of corporate websites and online stores;
    • Yandex.Direct;
    • Google Adwords partner
    • accreditation certificate from Begun.

    Reviews - the reviews found on the network can be divided into two groups: the first is the reviews regarding the promotion services provided by the company. In this case, the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive.
    The second group of reviews includes reviews of the services of site development and design. In this case, not everything is so simple: approximately in the ratio of 50/50 towards both negative and positive. Moreover, there is no clear line in either good or bad reviews: starting from “a terrible office!” and to “well done guys!” - everywhere “water”, concerning professionalism, competence and punctuality of company employees.
    The site presents a dozen positive reviews, confirmed by scanned copies of documents with stamps.

    Responses received to my request.

    Now, after reviewing the websites of web studios, we will return to the requests sent from the very beginning.

    So, out of 10 studios to which I sent my request, only 6 bothered to answer me. We will begin to consider the answers in the order in which they arrived:
    • Expert Plus - the answer from this studio was received first. However, the answer was a template letter, without any consideration of my needs and wishes. The letter contained all the same information as on the site, but only with the only difference - the prices in the letter were slightly higher.

    + promptly, besides, by reading the letter, you can save time on getting acquainted with the contents of the site.
    - I did not feel any individual approach to the client and I did not see the point of duplicating information from the site in response to a specific request.

    • Web Robot is the second studio from which I received a response. The answer was written in simple, human language and contained many useful links. Whether it was a template or “live” communication - based on the answer, I can’t say for sure.

    + The answer was quite informative and contained useful information for me about a number of nuances that interest me.
    - the response did not contain any information specifically at my request.

    • The Image site is the next studio that responded to my request, and the first that took a more or less individual approach. The answer contained a standard letter template and a few lines from the manager regarding the specifics of my wishes in the above example.

    + In the letter the product being sold is rather well presented, there are links to useful information, several suggestions essentially “on my own”.
    - in general terms, the letter still had a more advertising look than a constructive one.

    • Inspiro - in response to this studio, the "corporate" style was sustained - no specifics. All my wishes were rated only as “no problem!”. However, in fairness, it is worth noting that the manager who processed my request showed a slightly more individual approach than other studios. Since the text of the letter did not look like a prepared template, and the response contained several examples of stores close to what I described in the request.

    + individual approach to the request.
    - all the same lack of specificity.

    • WebCanape — в ответ на мой запрос пришло письмо со ссылкой на анкету, в которой следовало внести примеры и пожелания относительно будущего вида магазина. Но ответа на заполненную анкету так и не последовало.

    • Урал-Софт — в ответ пришло короткое письмо, из которого стало понятно, что менеджер этой компании потратил некоторое время на изучение моих потребностей. Основным смысловым посылом письма было объяснение того, что мои запросы не совсем соизмеримы с возможностями их базовой системы и отсюда логичное предложение сделать мой магазин поскромнее и дешевле.

    + individual approach shown.
    - excessive brevity and lack of constructive proposals, which can be described approximately like this: “or everything, but expensive, or minimum, but cheap”.

    In my opinion, at this stage of the inspection, the company PEREDOVIK.RU should be mentioned separately. Although for several days I did not wait for an answer to my request, I received a letter in the mail according to which I now have 100 rubles. The text of the letter in the screenshot:

    On the one hand, this is a positive phenomenon, as the company is aware of its problems in working with clients and is not only trying to change something, but also to compensate for these gaps to potential customers.

    So, it's time to take stock and draw conclusions:

    After reviewing the top 10 studios in the ranking, I was once again convinced that one should not implicitly believe the ratings. Perhaps this is my subjective point of view, but it seems to me that in this case not all correspond to their status: the top three, in my opinion, the best companies were in the top 5, to put it mildly, not in full force.

    In this market, at least in RuNet, there is no indisputable leader, although a couple of slightly backward companies that either have time to retire or change something quickly have already been outlined.

    StudioDomainsPrice, in rubles *Development time in daysEngineOverall rating on a scale of 1 to 5
    Ural Softur66.rufrom 20,0005 -25UralCMS4
    PEROVOVIK.RUperedovik.ru29900 - without design10MONOLITH.CMS2
    27147 **from 5 to 1-3 monthsWeb AutoResource3
    Fast-salesfast-sales.ru10900Fast-Sales Pro1
    Web Robotwww.web-asyst.ruот 40000от 7 дней, без учета разработкиShop-Script3
    2200012Canape CMS4
    Эксперт Плюсwww.expertplus.ruот 15000 — до 85 000от 1 до 7ExpertPlus CMS2
    Сайт Имидж
    от 12228от 1 до 7ImageCMS Shop4
    Inspirowww.inspiro.ruот 144800от 40 до 60Inspiro Siter2
    от 100000от 14Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress,
    Битрикс, Netcat, UMI.CMS

    * - the average cost of launching a finished online store in rubles. In the calculation, the average / minimum version of the store’s development and the average / minimum package of design services were taken into account.
    ** - the cost of the average base product, the minimum catalog and order table, excluding design.

    However, as can be seen from the table, I still singled out for myself the top three companies, which, in my opinion, can be called “leaders” and whose common features are a good combination of price / quality / term. So that no one reproaches me of bias or the presence of personal interests, I will try to explain why these three companies were in the top three.

    Ural Soft- I think the layout of their site is generally successful. The studio was able to conveniently compose a considerable amount of content on a small area of ​​the page, that is, in other words, simply “shove the un-editable”. The reviewed examples of finished online stores are neatly made, and quite original design decisions are often found in them, which means that the guys are trying to compensate for the weak engine with creative. Of course, you can’t cover the lack of functionality with lace, but if you need a small store easier and relatively inexpensive - this company is a good option.

    Webcanape- This company, operating on a market outside the CIS, impressed me quite creative and dynamic. I liked the site of this particular company the most - I was impressed by the use of bright, but not catchy tones and simplicity. The portfolio contains approximately 270 online stores, among which, however, came across a bit outdated, as well as links to existing ones. However, among them I did not notice the extremely deplorable and miserable, even on the last pages. A little modest functional filling of stores is the main reason why I can’t rate this company at 5.

    Website Image- the designs offered by the company as the base ones differ markedly from the rest: they are more recent and modern. Some even show the features of today's flat design. Regarding the functional content - there are also no complaints. Also, the shortest launch dates (from 1 to 7 days) announced on the site are a plus. However, the relatively small volume of the portfolio and the choice of designs made me dwell on grade 4.

    Also popular now: