Windows Developer Program for IoT - Now with Windows

    Good afternoon,
    Today is important news. :) On April 2, at // build /, we announced a completely new and whole-iron program - the Windows Developer Program for IoT (Internet Of Things). In the very first days after the announcement, we received a huge number of applications, including from those users who already had Intel Galileo on board, which this program is dedicated to. The only issue that was not resolved until yesterday was the issue of firmware with Windows - and our colleagues from Intel reacted very quickly by releasing the UEFI firmware. On the Github program published instructions.

    This release so far only supports Intel Galileo Gen 1, but the work to implement support for Gen 2 is already in full swing, and the following Windows images will be available from Connect . Also, it can and should be used by users who are already building magic devices with Galileo, in order to be with the latest update.

    On the Microsoft blog, we will gradually reveal this new topic for ourselves, we will talk very tightly about how to use Galileo with the Microsoft Azure cloud and, of course, Visual Studio.

    PS You can buy Galileo, for example, on Amazon .

    PPS Because of Galileo, one of our iron characters peers modestly - Sphero. There are some wonderful articles from MissUFO about her , for example,here - about programming Sphero in Windows 8.

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