Communications Ministry wants to increase the number of programmers in Russia from 350 thousand to 1 million

    Speaking at the Tavrida-2014 youth forum, the head of the Ministry of Communications, Nikolai Nikiforov, expressed the view that Russia should take care of maintaining the country's information sovereignty:

    “We stand for the full informational sovereignty of Russia. And it is fundamentally possible. Russia has always been famous for its programmers. We have world-famous IT companies, such as Yandex, and others. We are preparing a set of measures to support, step by step, year after year, the development and establishment of a whole industry of import-substituting software. This is a quick way, which will take three years, in some areas - five to seven years. This means that Russia will need at least one million programmers who can perform such a large-scale task. Now in Russia there are only 350 thousand highly qualified IT specialists, and the work of the ministry is aimed at seriously changing this indicator in the near future. ”

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    Is import substitution software possible?

    • 33.1% Yes, the Russian Federation has the resources of 1887
    • 52.3% No, this is not possible 2984
    • 14.5% Difficult to answer 829

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