Auto will understand when you are talking on the phone while driving

    Today, no one can be trusted. And nothing! If earlier only websites, surveillance cameras and smartphones followed us, then soon also cars, which are too “smart” and stuffed to the brim with electronics, will be able to inform road services about chatter on a mobile phone while driving.

    The development team from Brazil's University of Saint Katarina has designed the appropriate solution to help the car determine when the driver is talking instead of devoting his full attention to the situation on the road.

    In the United States, 85 percent of drivers talk on the phone while driving. Only five seconds is needed to dial a number ... But a car at a speed of 60 miles per hour in these five seconds will travel (almost uncontrollable!) 140 meters. And more than 80 percent of accidents in the same states happen when the driver is distracted from the road for only three seconds.


    To fight with lovers, a camera built into the dashboard will monitor the eyes of the driver. As a rule, while driving, a person continuously scans the road, pays attention to signs, cars and pits. And during the conversation, the gaze is directed to one point - in front of you. The system works in three stages: first, it takes a picture of the driver and cuts the frame, leaving only the face and areas around it. The bottom line is to find a hand raised to the face with a mobile. Then the system “marks” all the pixels of the skin color and estimates the probability that the driver has a telephone in his hand. Finally, the car gives a warning.


    Testing was carried out using a camera with a resolution of 320 x 240. Unpleasant moments were noted in the system: for example, if bright light falls on the driver’s face, it becomes difficult to determine the right skin color pixels.

    It’s easy to develop this topic a bit and add automatic sending of messages to road services. Unless, of course, the driver agrees to drive a car with such a system.

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