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    Hey. On February 21, Avito will host Moscow JS 44, an informal meeting of JavaScript developers. We will discuss the tools for boilerplaying, protocol-level compression formats in http, as well as Acceptance testing and BDD. Register for a meeting and invite colleagues. Under the cut - theses of speeches, links to the registration (upd: completed, ran out) and video broadcast mitap.


    Boilerplaying in Avito. Denis Kolesnikov, Avito

    The template code, configuration of the project, assembly, tests and various linters constantly delivers a lot of trouble, goes into a routine and generates a technical debt. In the report I will tell how in Avito we developed several tools that helped overcome the routine and made setting up a new project, as well as supporting existing ones, as simple as possible.

    An overview of the protocol compression formats in http. Mikhail Busyrev, Crazy Panda

    The report will answer questions about which compression formats exist on the web and how they differ, which browsers are supported in which browsers, and also talk about how to use them as efficiently as possible in accordance with file types.

    Acceptance testing and BDD using Cucumber. Andrei Mikhailov, Kaliber5

    BDD allows you to kill two birds with one stone: to provide high-quality code coverage with tests and weave testing into the entire development process from concept to deployment. Cucumber is a technology with a number of important advantages. I'll tell you about the essence of technology, share my experience with it and offer a specific approach that will help you not to go into the wilds.

    * The program of the meeting can be changed and supplemented.

    Passwords and attendances

    Participation in the event is free, registration is required .
    Reports will begin at 19:15, registration - at 18:45.
    Address: Moscow, Avito office, Lesnaya 7 .
    The event will be broadcast on our youtube-channel AvitoTech .

    See you!

    UPD: Registration is complete, the places are over.

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