Martian cobblestone left a mark visible from orbit

    The technique sent by man into space is becoming more and more perfect. More recently, the same Mars was Terra Incognita for humans. Now on the surface of Mars and in the orbit of the Red Planet there are several man-made devices at once that provide the most valuable data for science.

    In particular, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is an orbiter that sends high-quality photographs of the Martian surface to Earth (this device explores the atmosphere of Mars, its surface and performs many other scientific tasks). The other day, an interesting object hit the MRO camera lens: a reptiloid, pretending to be a cobblestone, a cobblestone rolling down an inclined surface, and a trace left by this cobblestone.

    Probably, scientists of the 50s / 60s (both the USSR and the USA) would give half their lives for the opportunity to explore the surface of Mars with this kind of technology.

    Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

    Well, today it’s a familiar occupation for the large Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter team. As for the cobblestone itself, its dimensions are 6 * 3.5 meters, and its track has a length of 500 meters. Scientists have already studied photography, but found nothing unusual.

    Actually - a cobblestone, it is also a cobblestone on Mars. And from the photo, scientists were able to determine only its shape and the approximate composition of the material by which the cobblestone rolled.

    Dust demon

    Spirit, a photograph of the rover and its trail, taken from the orbit of Mars. No conspirologists can do anything here :)

    Viking Lander 1

    MRO has repeatedly taken pictures of interesting objects, including "dust demons" - small swirls of the atmosphere of Mars, as well as photos of Spirit and Viking Lander.

    Via space

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