October 4, Moscow - Backend Stories 2.0

    On Thursday, October 4, at the Deworkacy site ( Bolshaya Polyanka St., 2/10 , p. 1 ) we will hold a mitap for backend-developers. We start at 19.00, the details - under the cut.

    19: 20–19: 30, Pavel Derendyayev, opening remarks.

    19.30–20: 10, Ivan Pokhodnya, “As we wanted in Java 11 and could not”.

    As we wanted to start Spring with jigsaw in Java 11 and could not. Vanya will show how to make a Spring application modular, build it using Gradle and run it.

    October 20–21, 00, Alexander Kovalev, CI / CD as a service.

    Sasha will talk about how to deploy a GoCD into a private cloud, set up infractrusture as code in it and manage hundreds of pipelines.

    21.00-21.20, a break, he is also a snack (burgers).

    21.20–22.05, Ivan Rasikhin, “Kappa Architecture on the example of Alfa-Bank’s online accounting”.

    Vanya will tell you how we use Kappa Architecture in the Internet Bank and why the classical three-tier architecture does not suit us.

    May 22 - Completion.

    You can register here , on the same page, we will post the online broadcast on the day of the mitap.

    Participation is free.

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