Elementary OS 0.3 Freya Beta Released

    Hello colleagues! For many lovers of Linux, today is a significant day. The beta version of the OS Elementary!
    Exactly one year has passed since the release of the latest stable version of this operating system (Luna) and today beta images based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS are available for download. The developers themselves warn against using this version in productive environments and offer it for testing and development.
    From Ubuntu 14.04, the Elementary OS “Freya” inherited the main components - the kernel, hardware drivers, and the graphics stack. Now you can boot directly from UEFI ( guide) The OS contains the latest stable version of the GTK library 3.12 (On Ubuntu 14.04 - 3.10) The new version of GTK allowed developers to implement new widgets and use the GtkCSSProvider functionality for a more complete visual design.
    Screenshots :

    Download links:
    32 bit - torrent MD5 1d9a9f75cfa5bbccee3afdff85e4086e
    64 bit - torrent MD5 a5ae72c134ad3d7e214e6397145f846d

    Original news: Freya Beta 1 Available for Developers & Testers

    UPD1. Transferred to the news screenshots from comments:

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