The Russians took the victory in the finals of the Imagine Cup 2014

    I was surprised to note that the international final of Imagine Cup 2014, which took place on August 1 in American Seattle, bypassed the habrasociety, and meanwhile, a team of students from Perm National Research Polytechnic University Brainy Studio won, the guys took 1st place and received $ 50,000 for development of your project in the Games category in this contest!

    The guys presented the game "Turn On" about the adventures of an electric spark, which saves the city from blackout.

    The team was represented by students and graduate students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of PNIPU:

    Romin Eugene (graduate student) - team leader
    Antonov Ilya
    Frolov Alexander
    Galkin Nikita
    Team mentor: Baranov Anton (graduate student)

    The full version of the award ceremony can be viewed on the official website of the contest , it is noteworthy that the names of the winners in the Games category were mentioned by the famous Russian programmer, author of Tetris, Alexey Pazhitnov .

    UPD : Link to TurnOn game demo in Windows Phone app store

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