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    The official ALTWeb Group company blog continues to acquaint its readers with the latest tools for automating Internet marketing. If you have not yet mastered complex advertising tools or have not found a strong Internet marketer in your team, this does not mean that the road to promoting your business through social networks is closed to you. SocialTask comes to the rescue , which does not require special knowledge and large budgets to promote the VKontakte group. How the cheating of subscribers in a contact differs from attracting users to a group and how it can become part of your marketing strategy using the SocialTask ​​platform - read in this post.

    Small and medium-sized businesses: problems when creating advertising campaigns in social networks

    The Internet in general and social networks in particular is one of the strongest tools for promoting small and medium-sized businesses. When used correctly. However, can a business initially afford a good internet marketer? - Not. This means that the advertising budget will simply be merged to no avail and will not lead you to customers. And the business will not grow. And she won’t be able to afford a good internet marketer. Sounds like a vicious circle?

    It should not be like that! - decided the creators of SocialTask, an automated system for working with the tasks of Internet marketing, which allows even an unprepared user to create working campaigns to promote the VKontakte group, attract subscribers and increase the number of users to maximize the reach of your potential customers.

    The cost of displaying VK ads starts from 7 rubles. This gives us a budget of 7000 for 1000 impressions - a budget that, with the current number of resource users, can fly away in 1 day. If the advertisement has been compiled and the advertising campaign itself was not planned professionally enough - which is quite natural for a novice entrepreneur - the budget of this campaign will not even pay off in part.

    SocialTask: a comprehensive solution for promoting the VKontakte group

    The SocialTask ​​service is arranged in a completely different way: you yourself choose the result that you want to achieve. The price of the action does not depend on rates and is always fixed at 5 rubles. You yourself choose what actions to spend this budget on and to what extent.

    The following types of tasks are at your disposal:

    • Post to the wall with an advertisement or review about your business, product or service.
    • Clicking the VK button on your site
    • Search Query Response - Behavioral Enhancement
    • A comment
    • Like feature
    • Tell Friends feature
    • Joining a group

    It is important that, unlike cheats that are performed by fake accounts, robots, and do not carry any payload, the SocialTask ​​system distributes your tasks to live users who have expressed their interested consent to receive such information and tasks. Users are selected by gender and age. Thus, user activity around your VKontakte group is completely natural from a demographic and analytical point of view. You pay for the result: performing certain actions within your official group and on the network.


    Young business can not always afford a fully regulated advertising campaign, properly organized at every stage. As a result, the advertising budget is at risk.

    SocialTask ​​is a simple and effective tool for promoting VK groups and stimulating user activity. The technologies underlying the solution allow you to apply natural marketing effort and get returns from it with a small budget and without the use of special skills.

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