RailsClub Moscow 2014


    September 27 will be held RailsClub Moscow 2014 - the main ruby-event of the year, a conference for experienced developers on Ruby and Rails. This year the reports are more hardcore, the headliners are more titled, the food is tastier, and the traditional Digital October hall is even more comfortable.

    So, the program:


    Aaron Patterson , a member of Ruby and the Rails core team, TOP 1 contributor for today, RubyHero 2010. The person who determines the development of the language, and an excellent speaker. It’s just impossible to miss Aaron’s arrival in Russia!
    We called Aaron last year, and in this we tried to make an offer that you can’t refuse. It was not in vain that we painted Aaron how good he would be in Moscow ( look and you ).
    The topic of the speech is being specified. You can write your wishes in the comments.

    Bozhidar Batsov , CTO Tradeo, author of Rubocop and editor of Ruby and Rails style guides.
    The Elements of Style in Ruby
    We will talk about what style is, how good style differs from bad style, on which resources you can follow the development of the topic. How to adhere to a uniform style in the code. How style and language are connected and how styles evolve in the Ruby Style Guide community.

    Jonas Nicklas , author of the Capybara testing framework and the popular libraries Pundit, Turnip, and CarrierWave. Ruby Hero 2011
    Concurrent systems in Ruby
    Jonas will talk about how Ruby is changing for the better in terms of working with concurrences, a sore spot for many busy projects. He will demonstrate several different options, including the classic mutex / condition variable combo, Node-style evented IO, Clojure-style compare-and-set, and Erlang-style actors. It will show how they can be used in Ruby and how Ruby gives a wider choice compared to other platforms.

    Eric Michaels-Aubert , a member of the open-source RailsAdmin, Thor and Twitter gem projects. Ruby Hero 2014 and developer at SoundCloud, Berlin.
    Writing Fast Ruby
    Performance is damn important. Although Ruby is not the fastest language, we can do a lot to optimize the performance of our code. Eric will give recipes for various techniques for speeding up code and working more efficiently with memory.

    Sandy Metz , author of Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby, winner of the 2013 Ruby Hero Award
    All the Little Things
    There is a big gap between OOP theory and practice. Many applications contain huge classes of long methods and clumsy conditions. They are difficult to understand, inconvenient to reuse and very expensive to change. In this talk, Sandy will take an ugly piece of code that contains a lot of conditions and rewrite it so that you get just a few simple objects. And students will get acquainted with an understandable strategy that everyone can use to improve their code.

    Ravil Bayramgalin , Evil Martians, lead developer of Oh My Stats, contributor to over 40 open source projects.
    Big Data and Ruby
    Big Data is not only buzzwords for startup bullshit bingo, but also a real headache for many engineers in the Internet business. There are many Big Data frameworks for scaling calculations on multiple machines. To better understand their features and make the right choice, Ravil will tell you: why data locality is necessary, why these frameworks are based on dataflow, what lambda architecture is, how to simplify it. And about how Oh My Stats experimented with reactive abstraction for computing. Among the specific frameworks will be mentioned are the already classic Hadoop and Storm (and how to use them from Ruby), as well as the advantages of the fashionable Summingbird, Spark and a couple of other alternatives.

    Alexander Balashov , CTO Teatro.io , team lead in Evrone
    Integrating all aspects of development into a single process
    Web application development involves many aspects. This is task management, making changes to the code, improving the quality of the code, testing and so on. Each of them needs to be given attention, but there is not always enough time and discipline to do this. To make this a familiar thing and every new feature to pass control in all aspects, you need to create an integrated development process that will allow this to be done. How to create a process in which each step is important and necessary, Sasha will tell on a concrete example.

    By the way, we decided to diversify the format and in addition to traditional half-hour reports, we offer to speak in a series of lightning talks- with a five-minute technical report in which you can share a methodological find, useful tools or present your open-source project. We already have some excellent LTs: from Cyril Shatrov from Evil Martians about Sorcery and Ruby patterns, and from another Martian Pyotr Zotov about the future on the web - OCaml language and Eliom framework.

    Another format we want to try is a panel discussion. Alexander Danilenko , a developer at TopTal invites you to a discussion on an eternal topic:
    Where do you still store business logic in a RoR application?For several years now, the community has been bombarding the question, and each time there are more and more “answers”. Concerns, DCI, Service Objects, Form Objects, and other inventions - what to choose? Or is it simple enough to follow Rails MVC and store business code in models? Or maybe in the controllers?
    Are there among the readers of the Habr who are willing to participate?

    We are still accepting applications for the conference program. There is something to tell about - send theses.

    What besides the reports:

    - A lot of professional communication.
    - Delicious food and great coffee.
    - Fun moves from sponsors and organizers during breaks.
    - Incendiary afterparty, at which you will have the opportunity to informally communicate with participants and speakers.

    Join now!
    Ticket price until August 10 - 7500 rubles.
    You can register here .

    We want RailsClub to grow and get better. Write - what did you like and dislike last year? What would you like from the new conference? What are the expectations?
    I invite you to discuss in the comments.


    RailsClub 2013 video footage .

    Organizers - Evrone and Undev Event
    venue - Digital Octoder

    Project partners:

    General sponsor - TopTal
    Gold sponsors - Bookmate and FunBox
    Silver sponsors: AT-Consulting and Lookatme
    HR partner - DigitalHR

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