Registration of Official Bloggers ™ in Russia is open

    The picture shows a possible near future *

    Today a resource has opened its doors, which allows you to officially register your website (or blog) on ​​the Internet.

    Now everyone can officially register their resource.

    But there is something else ...

    Namely - if you remember, the law that was passed is replete with the words “blogger”, but, as everyone had unexpectedly expected , we are offered to choose who we are on the blogger’s registration site:

    In other words, the law It’s called bloggers, but absolutely all pages on the Internet will fall under it.

    But that is not all.

    There is also a department for denunciations complaints:

    This section is interesting to us as follows:
    > Additional information
    It is proposed to specify a username / password for accessing the site. Thus, if the site is closed, then it is still possible to write a denunciation.

    But, there is good news, the state asks for access to statistics themselves, but does not ask to make it so that it is correct. It is likely that random (0 - 3000) will suit everyone.

    Traditional rubric: where to run?

    1) TOR (access to hidden sites, access to the global Internet)
    2) I2P (own hidden network, darknet)
    3) TOX (a messenger that cannot be heard in beta version)
    4) CJDNS (arrange with your friends your personal network, F2F or connect to Hyperboria - darknet) /
    5) Twister (when they block Twitter - this service can replace it, a decentralized microblogging service) github .com / miguelfreitas / twister-core /

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    How do you think the law on bloggers will work?

    • 51.5% Similar to the law on blocking sites - they will block everyone, some especially intensively 1380
    • 48.4% Selectively, only for certain people or on certain topics 1296

    Do you think that Roskomnadzor will block such services as: Facebok, twitter, blogger, wordpress, etc if they do not fulfill the requirements?

    • 58.1% Yes 1694
    • 41.8% No 1221

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