Yandex Direct appeared on the main “Kinopoisk”

    Nine months is a great time to break the news. The first noticeable change in the largest cinema website Runet 9 months after its purchase by Yandex later was the appearance of Yandex-direct directly on the face of the portal. It looks, frankly, wildly: There are already alarming rumors about the future of Kinopoisk : “Yandex will not only redesign the design, but will also“ refuse some of the data from the database, and the editorial section (movie news, blogs, articles) will disappear completely “. He said that a restart is planned for the end of the year. ” However, to whom the war - and to whom the mother is dear. I think other sites about cinema in Runet will only be happy if such a powerful source of news and content about cinema is respected in the Bose.

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