HDD replacement through the official service and support of Western Digital in Russia

    I think many in their practice have encountered problematic HDDs. Showered, burned out, knocks, bad blocks, SMART alarm - and many, many other problems. Contacting the manufacturer is most often pointless, due to difficulties with shipping or inaccessibility of exchange / return in the CIS countries. Western Digital was the first to meet a Russian user by opening a service center in Moscow and an exchange program for Russia. The article tells the story of how it works and personal experience of contacting their service.


    Hard drives are technically sophisticated devices that are far from always amenable to knee-and-garage repair methods, with rare exceptions, such as the “SS fly” error on Seagate drives. Most HDD manufacturers do not have their own service centers, sending consumers to stores (which may no longer exist at the time of the breakdown), or to large resellers, who in the vast majority of cases simply do not want to deal with individuals (and end users in general), their clientele - distribution networks and large organizations. Across the ocean, the RMA program is in full swing - a guarantee and exchange / return of the drive by the manufacturer itself, but it is extremely problematic for a resident of Russia to use this program - expensive sending abroad, a lot of trouble with competent packaging customs declaration and the complete absence of a guarantee that even if you receive a replacement, the Russian Post will not play football on the road. And not all HDD manufacturers are “happy” with such packages from Russia. Seagate on its websiteopenly declared that the RMA program is unavailable for Russia , instead it is recommended to contact the seller, which, as you know, is far from always possible and effective.

    On Habré questions from time to time appear on RMA of various manufacturers, but success stories are extremely rare. Here is an example of how a friend managed to exchange Seagate HDD via mail and Kazakhstan, but this happened even before Seagate tightened its RMA policy. Now and there they are increasingly sent to the seller.

    WD Support & Warranty

    All of the following applies only to discs included in official deliveries for the CIS. If your disk was bought in Europe or the United States - they can either refuse to accept it or go to a meeting, there is no clear algorithm of actions here, but I advise you to come to the SC personally and explain the situation.

    WD offers the following warranty periods for its disks for Russia:
    Green - two years from the date of issue or from the date of sale with a
    Blue check - two years
    Red - three years
    Black - five years (!!!)

    Product Registration

    Immediately after the purchase, I recommend registering the disc to check the warranty period and simplify further actions in the event of "hour H".
    Registration is performed on the WD support site , where you are required to register as a user and register your disks (you can do several at once), only a serial number is needed from each disk.

    Registration itself is not required to fill out an application, but it simplifies the process and gives a clear idea of ​​the number of your disks and their warranty)
    In the same place, on the WD support portal, you can check the warranty status of an unregistered disk and issue an RMA.
    To register an RMA (application for exchange of a faulty device), you are required to fill out a simple form in which the faulty disk is selected and the type of its defect - and the page with the exchange / return coupon containing a barcode pops up at the output.

    Service center, addresses and opening hours

    WD Service Center in Russia is a separate LLC VDM-Service , created with the participation of WD itself, and specializes in supporting end users, both individuals and legal entities.
    In addition to warranty replacement and repair, they also offer imagedata recovery services for a fee.

    To get a new disk instead of a failed one, you need to take a failed disk with an RMA coupon issued on the website and bring it to a service center in Moscow (the easiest option), or send it by mail to: When sending by mail, you must follow the packaging recommendations listed here . The service center in Moscow is located quite far from the metro, it is about 20 minutes by bus from metro Petrovsko-Razumovskaya, their address is:
    143200, Московская область, г.Можайск, ул.Мира, д.93
    ООО «ВДМ-сервис»


    г. Москва, ул. Дубнинская д.81, офис 25 и 11.
    Телефон в Москве: +7(495)940-77-51
    Часы работы:
    Пнд - Четверг : c 9:00 до 18:00 (Мск.)
    Пятница : c 9:00 до 17:00 (Мск.)


    On a personal visit to the service center, the drive is inspected, the serial number is checked with the database, the acceptance certificate is filled in (two pieces, about receiving the failed drive and issuing a replacement) - and the best part is the issuance of a new drive from the warehouse of the same series, or newer, in the absence of the same in stock!

    In my case, there was an application for the replacement of three different disks: a laptop 500 GB Black (WD5000BPKX) and a desktop 1 TB Green (WD10EARS) in the amount of two pieces. The first one was bought in a good store, with a guarantee on the check, but if I contacted the store I would have cooked three weeks of testing and examination without a disk. The second two, without a pedigree, without a check, went to barter on netting for PC repair services). The failure of the first - a sharp increase in the Reallocated Sectors Count and the blockage of SMART, the failures of the second and third - at different intervals they rattled and hang up the computer during auto-detection.

    All three discs were replaced right on the spot with brand new samples of the same series, in sealed packaging, without the marks “restored” or “repaired”, these are the new discs. The replacement was issued without any waiting or testing, having only verified the numbers and visual inspection for damage, the integrity of the sticker and the contact pads of the board.

    Since then I give preference to WD products. A valid warranty and a working exchange service program is an important argument when choosing a drive.

    How about others?

    These days there are not many independent HDD manufacturers left.
    Seagate, WD, Toshiba.
    Seagate ate Maxtor and Samsung, and support remained at its infancy, which was mentioned in passing at the beginning of the article.
    WD participates in an alliance with Hitachi, VDM-Service confirmed that in the near future they will begin to service devices under the Hitachi brand too.
    Fujitsu almost left the market, I have not seen their drives in new devices for a long time.

    Accordingly, there are “two whales”, the approach to one of which I described in this article.

    PS The
    post is written solely based on personal experience. VDM-Service employees showed goodwill and understanding of the problem, the drive was needed urgently, which is why it was not possible to wait three weeks in the store.
    On my own behalf, I will say that shops, with rare exceptions, are extremely reluctant to contact, as they themselves often cause HDD failures. Boxes with discs are dropped in a warehouse, kicked during transportation, and this phenomenon occurs even at the level of large resellers, completely “unusable” discs are shoved off at a discount on radio markets and small points, where it is completely impossible to exchange something under warranty.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Is manufacturer support important for you when choosing a hard drive?

    • 44.7% Yes, it is important, this is an argument when choosing a manufacturer 415
    • 37.3% Yes, this is a nice bonus 347
    • 5.7% No, it is not important, I solve problems with the seller 53
    • 3.8% No, it’s not important, in principle I don’t contact the service 36
    • 1.9% I don't care 18
    • 1.4% I do not use HDD 13
    • 4.9% I am not from Russia 46

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