PostgreSQL 9.4 beta2 released. All active branches updated

    imageFor those who use PostgreSQL, there are two news. First, the one about fixing problems. All active PostgreSQL branches have been updated: 9.3.5, 9.2.9, 9.1.14, 9.0.18 and 8.4.22.

    In branch 8.4. * This is the final update, this branch will not be supported anymore (if you use, plan an upgrade!)

    The most important thing in the released updates:

    • PostgreSQL 9.3 and pg_upgrade : those who upgraded to version 9.3 using the pg_upgrade utility often noticed an unpleasant problem: VACUUM processes crashed, and in some cases it crashed the whole system. The Release Notes is a special SQL-query, with which you can check your system for potential problems. If there is a problem, then there, in Release Notes , it is written how to fix it.

    • PostgreSQL 9.3 crash recovery: 3 issues have been fixed that lead to situations where data recovery in PostgreSQL 9.3 could be compromised during crash recovery.

    • GIN and GiST indexes: 3 issues affecting the GIN and GiST indexes used in the PostGIS system and in full-text search were also fixed, leading to possible data corruption or incorrect response to the request. All indexes on columns with bit and bit varying data types must be rebuilt according to the instructions in Release Notes .

    The second news is more positive: version 9.4, scheduled for release in the fall, has been updated to version beta2. It will have a lot of interesting things. One of the most exciting new features is the jsonb data type implementation . This is JSON, stored in binary form, with excellent performance and rich support for various types of indexes. These features were developed by Russian developers.

    Among other notable changes in 9.4: the possibility of "warming up" memory buffers (pg_prewarm) after the system starts, optimizing GIN indexes, and improving support for updated and materialized representations and aggregated queries.

    A complete list of 9.4 new products in English can be found in the PostgreSQL Wiki .

    On behalf of the PostgreSQL Worldwide Development Team, please take part in testing 9.4!

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