Yandex has launched a beta version of Metrica 2.0

    At 14:00 Moscow time, the beta of the new Metrica became available -

    As the news writes:

    “The capabilities of the updated version of the service will solve a variety of problems - from evaluating the effectiveness of advertising to planning for purchases.

    Unlike the previous version of Metrica, which offered mainly standard reports, the new service allows you to create a report with any combination of parameters. This will help to quickly get an answer to a question that interests the site owner.

    In addition, the new Metrica has a convenient segmentation tool that allows you to create reports for any part of the audience. To accurately determine the segment in Metric 2.0, more than 50 different conditions and attributes are proposed. Segments can also be compared with each other.

    The new Metric learned to share data on new and regular visitors to the site, as well as show where the user came from on his last visit and how he got to the resource for the first time. The latter opportunity will be very useful for evaluating the effectiveness of various traffic sources.

    Metric 2.0 will retain all the features that were available in the previous version, and the innovations mentioned above will be free and I will be able to use the owners of all sites. ”

    IMHO, very similar to Google Analytics.

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