An animator from Russia is working on a 3D version of the intuo for Futurama

    Animator Alexei Zakharov, apparently, is a fan of the Futurama series, because he has a lot of work tied to the series. This is a render of a spaceship from the cartoon, detailed drawings of scenes from the series.

    Now the animator is working on creating a 3D version of the intro for the series, and part of the work has already been done. This is the very beginning of the introduction, done very, very carefully.

    According to the author of the work, he used 3ds Max, Nuke, Photoshop, After Effects to create the video. Now only the first part of the introduction is ready, let's hope that others will follow.

    And here is the 3D version of the ship from the cartoon:

    There are also drawings of the ship:

    Via behance

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