LS3 Robot Mule Field Tested in Hawaii

    During the exercises in the Pacific RIMPAC region, which are held from June 26 to August 1, new tests of the LS3 support robot - Legged Squad Support Systems, were held in Hawaii. And on YouTube there were videos recording these tests.

    This system can carry up to 180 kg at a full gas station at a distance of up to 20 miles, while remaining operational for 24 hours.
    It is noted that this system is able, like a trained animal, to follow the members of the squad over rough terrain. It can also serve as a mobile power source for charging device batteries and other needs.

    At the same time, the robot can operate in several modes: repeat the leader’s route as precisely as possible, follow the leader, but choose a path of movement with a certain freedom and move to the specified destination using the GPS receiver. Technologies are also being tested that allow squad members to give voice commands to the robot.

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