InfoboxCloud - a public Russian “cloud” in a data center that has received TIER III Facility & Design certification

    We are glad to inform you about the launch of the InfoboxCloud cloud infrastructure in the Moscow DataSpace data center, which has received Tier III Facility & Design certification. Previously available only to banks and large corporations, the level of uninterrupted operation and the degree of reliability of information storage with InfoboxCloud can now afford any company .

    InfoboxCloud Tier III

    Infobox's goal is to make cloud hosting as secure as possible. Therefore, for our new location, we chose the most reliable Russian data center. At the same time, we are not going to switch to the premium segment and offer our services at inflated prices. Our partners will be able to take advantage of the uninterruptedly working flexible cloud infrastructure of InfoboxCloud to create their own reliable and secure solutions without raising prices for the end user.

    Data center

    We have chosen the most reliable data center for fault tolerance tests. Our goal is not just to sell the service, but also to ensure the maximum quality and safety of its functioning for solving business problems. Placing a public cloud in a data center of this level is a precedent. At InfoboxCloud, we combined the exceptional reliability of the data center, Parallels Cloud Storage technology for cloudless server storage without a point of failure, and Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure enterprise-level cloud management software, keeping prices affordable.

    The DataSpace data center was the first data center in Russia and Eastern Europe to receive Tier III Design and Tier III Facility certificates from the international organization Uptime Institute. The data center complies with international standards of reliability and fault tolerance, which guarantees the reliability and continuity of our customers' business processes.
    DataSpace guarantees 100% availability of equipment, applications and data, which is much higher than in the requirements of Tier III Facility certification (99.98% = 1.6 hours per year).

    InfoboxCloud Tier III

    On the Russian market of data centers quite often there are statements that are not confirmed by certificates of compliance of the data center with the level of Tier II or Tier III. Many have only certified documentation for a data center (Tier III Design certificate).

    Dataspacepassed certification of two types: Tier III Design and Tier III Facility (verification of the infrastructure of the data center). To obtain the Tier III Facility certificate, more than 1000 tests of the data center were conducted by the certification organization Uptime Institute.

    Compliance with the Tier III Facility level guarantees redundancy of all engineering subsystems and the ability to carry out scheduled repairs and replace equipment without interruption of services. The users of data centers of this level are large banking and financial institutions, organizations supporting internal and external customers around the clock, electronic market transaction systems.

    Cloud infrastructure

    InfoboxCloud Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) allows you to create, operate, and manage reliable, resilient, secure cloud servers connected by a private network. Cloud management is done through the control panel or through the REST API. At any time, you can create servers of the necessary configuration with the ability to autoscale and hourly pay for the amount of allocated resources to servers without a monthly fee. For stopped servers, payment is charged only for the occupied disk space, since other resources are not consumed at this time. From the control panel, you can configure firewall rules for each machine and delegate cloud management rights to administrators.

    The key difference from Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure and Google Compute Engine is the ability for each cloud server to set the optimal parameters for the task to be solved for the amount of allocated resources (CPU, Ram, disk, etc.) independently of each other.

    InfoboxCloud IaaS Control Panel

    There is no need to choose from dozens of pricing plans and tricks. We tried to make a single and simplest tariff and included 3 terabytes of traffic per month for free, so that you could roughly predict the price of the service for a month. The InfoboxCloud cloud infrastructure supports two types of virtualization: containers and isolated virtual machines (the “I will manage the OS kernel” mark in the InfoboxCloud control panel). Container virtualization is faster than virtual machines, but virtual machines allow the user to make changes to the OS kernel if necessary.

    Installing InfoboxCloud in a data center consists of a grouping of new servers united in a fail-safe cluster using a PACI (Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure) enterprise-level cloud solution. The cloud infrastructure control panel is single. Now it is possible to order from it not only the cloud, but also VPS in various locations.

    The operating system uses Parallels Cloud Server with the Parallels Cloud Storage activated distributed fault tolerant file system for reliable storage of virtual machines. The technology distributes data between physical servers, allowing you to maximize the throughput of the disk subsystem, performs migration and replication of servers with zero downtime, and works without a point of failure. In the event of a disk array or physical server failure, automatic recovery of damaged, lost or inaccessible copies of data occurs without stopping the user's cloud servers. On-the-fly background verification and error correction is provided to ensure data integrity and correctness.

    Parallels Cloud Storage

    More information about the software part of InfoboxCloud will be described in the following articles.

    Thus, the virtual machines of the cloud infrastructure work reliably even in the event of equipment failure. The worst thing that is possible in the cloud with the failure of no more than half of the servers in the Cloud Storage cluster is a reboot of the virtual machine in the event of a failure of the server on which the software is currently running. At the same time, migration is not needed - the machine just starts on another host from Cloud Storage with the same IP. If you use container virtualization, this will take a few seconds. In the case of using hypervisor virtualization - a few minutes.

    In the coming days, a separate cluster will be commissioned, which will provide backup of machines outside of Cloud Storage. The software platform is extremely reliable, it passes tens of thousands of automated and manual tests, but we also protect ourselves from errors in the cloud software.

    Offer to partners

    We are regularly asked about who can help with the development of sites and applications, the migration of IT infrastructure to the cloud. We focus on providing quality service and work with partners who focus on the tasks of development, integration and end-user service, who are not IT-professionals. Partners are provided with free resources in the cloud for experimenting and posting their own projects. We are waiting for you in the partnership program .

    trial version

    A trial limited version for 15 days can be obtained for free by registering at this link . If you need to test a large project, write about it , and we will consider the possibility of providing more resources for testing.

    All reviews and questions about using the service can be written to: . We will answer all letters in detail and take into account the wishes.

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