The creation of a “100 percent Russian software platform” has begun

    Project curator Alexander Glazkov.

    It is strange that this event has not yet been written on the hub

    The Russian company Diasoft, which develops software for financial organizations, has announced the launch of the Beta project, whose goal is to create a domestic software platform for creating and deploying applications.
    The Beta project is a continuation of discussions about Russia's independence from foreign software manufacturers.

    “Beta” is planned to be implemented by mass collective development (crowdsourcing) in the interests of all Russian vendors, as a domestic alternative to the widely used foreign software today, they say in Diasoft.

    Successful implementation will make it possible to talk about the country's first 100% domestic platform for developing and deploying applications, "said Glazkov. The

    coordinator and chief architect of the Beta project, Konstantin Varov, said that when creating the Russian OS, the most widespread today Linux distribution day is Ubuntu,

    experts from all over the world took part in its development, and it is ready for use both on servers and workstations, as well as on tablets and smartphones, Varov believes, therefore he is It is the most suitable starting point for a new project.
    With Canonical, which supports Ubuntu, it will be easier to agree on friendly coexistence, which does not lead to the "self-isolation" of a new product, Diasoft believes. The developers also hope to agree "on a stable process of borrowing into the Russian distribution of everything adequate that will appear in the main branch (of course, after the appropriate procedures)."

    Answering the question of who will take responsibility for direct changes to the code, who will test it, undergo verification and compliance procedures with it, Varov unequivocally declares that only Russian citizens and legal entities will be involved in such work.

    As part of the Beta project, Diasoft identified the following subprojects:

    • Creation of an operating system (OS) running on Russian-made servers and workstations
    • Release of virtualization tools working on it
    • Creation of a database management system with wide horizontal scaling capabilities
    • Creating a domestic application development environment and debugging tools.
    • Release of tools that automate testing of created applications
    • Creating a domestic application server
    • Development of load balancing tools and other components for creating application server clusters
    • Creation of design tools that facilitate the development of application services and programs
    • Development of domestic business intelligence tools and a universal report generator
    • Development of tools for modeling and execution of business processes
    • Creating design tools and creating user interfaces for working on various devices
    • Release of a mobile operating system running on smartphones and tablets of Russian manufacturers
    • Development of technology for installing / updating created applications
    • Development of migration tools for various development languages ​​and technologies, allowing to transfer application software products created with their use to this platform, thereby ensuring the availability of all business applications that customers need
    • Formation of methodological support for the development process, the creation of training courses.

    The project is certainly ambitious.
    But at least the Ubuntu sources are open. And it sounds more real than writing everything from scratch.
    I would like to hope that something useful comes out of this initiative.

    PS No matter how it all turned out to be a banal scarecrow for Microsoft and other companies.

    UPD: More information .

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