Materials MoscowJS 12

    Twelfth mitap MoscowJS took place on June 26 in the office of . The meeting was attended by guys from Yandex, and We talked about clouds, mobile web optimizations and, of course, combs! We have collected video and other materials of the event in one post.

    Here is how it was ...

    Add-ons for Cloud-Based Web Applications: A Developer's Perspective
    Anton Belousov, founder and CEO of

    How addons are useful for users and the cloud products themselves, what technologies and approaches to their creation are. It is useful for developers who either create cloud applications, or simply use them intensively - for example, Asana, Trello, Gmail and others. Video


    Mobile web: Why is it so slow!
    Ivan Chashkin, Group

    What do we face when we make a quick Single-page application. What can be optimized to increase the responsiveness of the application, to increase its performance.


    CSScomb.js - second life
    Mikhail Troshev, Yandex

    "Comb" - a tool for collective development. A short story about how it was made, for what purposes it is used and where it is developing.

    CSScomb.js: GitHub

    Without backend
    Andrey Salomatin

    How to stop worrying about the server side of applications and focus on user experience. Report on the use of ready-made backend solutions in web and mobile projects.


    A photo
    Photos from mitap were collected in our group on Facebook.

    First of all, thanks to the speakers for the reports! for help in organizing, and, of course, for everyone who was and participated in the discussions!

    Ahead MoscowJS 13!
    Next week, July 17, the next meeting will be held. Find out more and register here .

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