We are waiting for everyone at the next CocoaHeads Meetup

    On February 8, in the Moscow office of Mail.ru Group, another incendiary meeting of the CocoaHeads community will take place . If anyone does not know, this is a regular mit for iOS developers. The program includes three interesting reports and free communication with colleagues.


    “Encode yourself!”
    Andrey Volodin, Prisma

    A story about how to spend the New Year holidays in order to teach shaders how to encode themselves using the Metal compiler and code generation. Along the way, to broaden our horizons, we will understand what AST is, libclang, MTLReflection and how to use Swift dynamic members.

    “Modular development”
    Nikolay Lihogrud, Yandex.Maps

    Breaking an application into modules is a challenge for any team. Which modules to split the application? How to make them independent and reusable? How to simplify the creation of test projects for feature-modules? Nikolai will help you to avoid possible mistakes and motivates to take up this topic, even if you are not faced with the problem of a large monolith.

    “Provisional Authorization - an alternative approach to working with guns”
    Dmitry Sizikov, Mail.ru Group, Pandao project

    Before WWDC — 2018 there were no special options when asking for the user's permission to send guns. So far, Apple has not provided Provisional Authorization. Many feared that such a process could worsen the discoverability of push.

    Dmitry will talk about what Provisional Authorization is and why it is needed. How did the Pandao example implement this? Did it help? How did the users react? And what are the commonplace errors affecting metrics that are most often committed?

    Collection of participants and registration : 18:30.
    Reports start : 19:00
    Address : Mail.ru Group office, Leningradsky Prospect, 39, p. 79.
    Registration is required! Do not forget your passport or driver's license.

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