Tarantool User Group Meetup in Moscow

    Next Saturday, July 19th, we’ll have a Tarantool user meeting at the Badoo office.


    Konstantin Osipov (Mail.ru) will talk about Tarantool 1.6, a new version of the server that revised many technical solutions and made a convenient, safe and still high-performance DBMS.
    Tarantool is, first of all, a lock-free database that processes all transactions sequentially in one thread. Tarantool 1.6 is also a full-fledged Lua Application Server with support for cooperative multitasking, non-blocking I / O, standard Lua packages, and packages created specifically for Tarantool.

    Anton Povarov (Badoo) will give a presentation on “Tarantool at Badoo: Keeping Your Visitor History”.
    Every day on badoo.com, users view about 100 million profiles of other users. We store counters and a full history of visits over the past 90 days, with some aggregation - this is about 5 billion events.
    The system processing this data stream was created long ago and survived several incarnations, becoming closer to the database. At some point, we decided to stop reinventing the wheel, abandoned the daemons in C + sqlite, didn’t do it on mysql, radishes and memekes, but took it and sawed it on Tarantool.
    We will tell you why Tarantool, how to shard, replicate (everything is simple) and how smoothly this business was implemented on a live system without downtime.

    It would be cool if someone else could talk about their use case. Write in the comments if there are interesting examples.

    There will be a video recording of the reports.

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