TrulySecure: biometric user authentication for mobile devices

    An authentication system that does not require a password is the ultimate dream of many mobile device users (and not only them) who often have to enter passwords / logins plus solve captcha (but not this, please).

    So, the other day, Sensory, a company that has been developing voice recognition systems for over 20 years, introduced TrulySecure. This is a biometric user authentication system using a camera and microphone of a mobile device.

    By the way, Sensory participated in the development of many voice recognition systems for a large number of developers of mobile devices / applications. The company's customers include Samsung, Pantech, LG and Motorola. In general, the company is not new to the market.

    Company CEO Todd Mozer (Todd Mozer) showed a demo version of the new system, which was discussed above. According to Todd, TrulySecure is an audio-video authentication system, more accurate than systems that use fingerprint sensors. Such a sensor costs $ 5-10, depending on the device where the module is installed. Well, in the case of TrulySecure, nothing is required, except for the microphone, camera of the device and the application itself.

    The combination of recognition systems for appearance and voice allows us to talk about bringing protection systems for mobile devices to a new level. TrulySecure also works locally, on the user's device, and not in the cloud.

    TrulySecure SDKs are now available for developers. You can get all this, learn more about the system on the developer's site .

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