Russian Post plans to develop an application for iOS and Android


    We all see how much negative society regularly generates in the direction of Russian Post. And finally, this organization decided to improve the lives of its customers, for this it will develop an application for the iOS and Android platforms. A laudable step, but there is one thing, but not a little, but 19 million rubles will be allocated for the implementation of this idea.

    According to their idea, the programs will determine the location of users and prompt the address of the nearest post office, report the contact details of this office, display information about the location of parcels, if any, and inform via push notifications.

    Also in the application there will be a feedback option in order to evaluate the work of a particular post office and the history of such assessments, it is obvious that an answer is planned if the appeal turns out to be a complaint, or maybe the journal should serve as a reminder that the complaint has already been sent and prevent it from being resent.

    In addition, the documentation describes the requirements for the server side of the application. Mail wishes that the main operating system for the server side would be Oracle Linux 6.4, Nginx will be used as web servers, Tomcat7 as an application server, and PostgreSQL as a DBMS.

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