Dyn-DNS Services: Microsoft blocks “good” and “bad” users

    Somehow passed by Habr, but the other day Microsoft has achieved judicial blocking about 20,000 NoIP subdomains . However, something went wrong and "technical" reasons, supposedly blocked by millions of users.

    Most recently, the company won a lawsuit against NoIP and had to gain access to 22 service domains to prevent the spread of malware. However, as always , millions of respectable users have suffered. NoIP has already responded with a statement that Microsoft made no attempt to contact the firm, but immediately went to court. Only after the successful transfer of control of the .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .info domains owned by Microsoft NoIP made a statement that theywant to filter only “already known dangerous Hosts” , good ones should continue to work. However, in practice the situation is different, the company was not ready to process billions of user requests and the service crashed.

    There is a silver lining , Kaspersky said that an unplanned failure of the NoIP service hit hard on spy groups that Microsoft did not even think about. The Syrian Electronic Army and HackingTeam have lost access to industrial tracking software.

    Based on:
    Malware: Microsoft erzwingt Umleitung von Domains des DynDNS-Diensts NoIP
    DynDNS-Dienst: Microsoft stört gute und böse NoIP-Nutzer

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