Vkontakte launched a hopeless platform for mobile games?

    While the Vkontakte mobile client remains blocked on the App Store, the Android version adds in functionality. Last year, the ex-general director of the social network Pavel Durov announced the appearance of a mobile gaming platform within the framework of Vkontakte, recently it has become an integral part of the client for smartphones and tablets. You don’t have to go far for the motivation of the observed events - last year the mobile games segment in Russia grew by 70%, and Vkontakte paid about 2 billion rubles to the developers of titles over the same period. At the same time, no less than one third of social network users play on Vkontakte. Yes, and mobile statistics is in full order, the client is installed with 12 million Android followers, another 4 million are among iOS lovers.

    Upon closer examination of the feeling of special prospects, the news does not cause. At the moment, only four games are available: “I am looking for a hero”, “Planet of the Gems”, “Barsik” and “The Brave Link”. Moreover, none of these products is in the top popularity on desktops. Interestingly, the entire four are games that were originally created specifically for mobile platforms, so the developers had only to “screw” social integration with Vkontakte.

    In the future, it is planned to add a surprise to the list, only one game per month. That is, to drop the phrase “we have a choice of a couple of dozens of mobile games” the leadership of the social network will succeed in the best case in almost a year and a half. In the meantime, in principle, there is no certainty that mobile social network games will be in demand. Although in the first day, each of the new games scored within 8-20 thousand downloads. By the way, at the time of the announcement, the head of the VKontakte press service, Georgy Lobushkin, said: “Mobile gaming platform - VKontakte users have access to the best mobile games.” Judging by the current choice, the social network has a very low quality bar for these same games.

    With regard to cash flows, the following is reported: "All applications will be published under the VKontakte brand, and only then the company will transfer their share to the developers." Lenta.ru clarifies: "The income from the games will be divided in half between the social network and the developers."

    The social functionality is predictable, as Ferra writes: "Users can compete with their friends and help each other in passing, sending and receiving additional lives and resources." I translate into an understandable language: we will compete in the form of a regular points table, help each other - the next tons of pictures in the news feed in the style of “Your friend plays $ # #, help him get% # @ &”.

    About any full-fledged multiplayer speech even with a look into the bright future is not conducted. And this is while in the desktop Vkontakte the assortment of the full program is replenished with network titles on Unity.

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    Are there any prospects for the mobile gaming platform Vkontakte?

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