Electronic passports from 2016 throughout Russia


    06/27/2014, on the Single portal for posting information on the development by federal executive bodies of draft normative legal acts and the results of their public discussion, a draft decree developed by the Federal Migration Service "On the issue and application of a new generation citizen of the Russian Federation."

    At the moment, there is a public discussion of this act, which will last until 07/12/2014 ... You can receive notifications about the discussion by signing up here .

    What is our future passport like?

    According to the explanatory note to the bill, the new passport will be a plastic card
    with an electronic data carrier containing the
    personal data of a citizen recorded on it in a visual (graphic) and electronic form, including biometric personal data, as well as means and electronic signature keys placed on an electronic information carrier used to create a qualified electronic signature.

    This document, apparently, is an evolution of the UEC project , which aimed at combining a number of documents on one electronic medium, plus linking to bank accounts created on the card at the request of the client. Moreover, this medium did not have the official status of an identity document, which was one of the reasons for the low popularity of the project.

    Universal Electronic Card - issued earlier.

    This event will be financed from the funds received from state duties for the issuance of driver’s licenses. (And no wonder, after increasing duties by 1.6 times).

    According to the text of the Decree, by 2015 all legislative acts that need to be adopted for this event must be adopted. (For example, the final list of biometric data stored on the media). The decree also determines the maximum number of new type certificates that can be issued during the next year - 300,000 pieces.

    At the same time, it is separately stipulated that information not included in the future list, for example, fingerprints, may be entered on the medium upon written request of a citizen.

    To break in the mechanism, a pilot project will be launched in 2015 in the Rostov Region, Krasnodar Territory, the Republic of Crimea, and the city of federal significance Sevastopol. From 2016, identity cards will be issued throughout the country. At the time of the pilot project - certificates will be issued at will. However, getting them out of curiosity is not worth it, since there will be no turning back - a decree prescribes prohibiting the simultaneous possession of an electronic ID and a paper passport.

    The IT infrastructure for the issuance of new electronic certificates will be the system created on the basis of the union of the GISMU (responsible for issuing domestic Russian passports) and the GS LDPE (biometric passports).

    Unfortunately, there are a number of questions regarding this document. In particular, the size of the state duty for obtaining such a certificate is curious. And will it serve as a full-fledged single document for trips abroad. Indeed, in fact, on this medium it will be possible to store information about a person in at least all languages ​​of the world, about all border crossings by him (at present, sometimes it’s enough to change your passport to hide this data). At the same time, the state will lose income in the form of duties from the issuance of a passport, which is already rather rather big now.

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