Yandex closes the blog hosting of and hosting on Yandex.Video

    We close our blog hosting - Until the end of summer, all blogs and clubs will no longer be available. Do not worry, no materials will be lost. Already today, users have the opportunity to transfer all their entries to the Live Journal - create a new account or add to an existing one. All your friends with who are registered in LiveJournal will automatically be with you as friends. You can move until November 1. In addition, we will save a complete archive of each user - all entries, comments and posts in clubs. You can find the archive on Yandex.Disk. was opened in April 2007. In 2009, the service was one of the four largest blog hosting sites in Runet.- together with LiveJournal, and LiveInternet. After that, the popularity of began to decrease - in fact, along with the decline in the popularity of the blogosphere as a whole and the growth of social networks. Development was frozen, and the service actually stopped developing.

    Now at least once a month about 0.3% of the diaries opened on the service are updated. An average of only 1,500 new comments appears per day. Obviously, most people prefer to write and communicate on social networks on other platforms. In such a situation, supporting Ya.Ru becomes difficult and impractical. Therefore, we decided to close.

    Changes are awaiting another service - Yandex.Video. In August, only the search part will remain on the service - it will continue to work in its entirety and will continue to develop. Uploading new videos will be possible only on Yandex.Disk, while the possibilities of public viewing will be limited. All the video that you have already uploaded will also appear on Drive - and you will get a place to store it for free and forever. You can watch videos on Drive, you can still share videos with friends. For many of our users, this is a more convenient and modern way to store their personal records.

    Thanks to all our users. But do not say goodbye - see you on Yandex.Disk and other services.

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