Google I / O 2014: online broadcast in Russian

    In just an hour, Google’s presentation will begin at the Moscow West Exhibition Center in San Francisco. It was here that 3 weeks ago Apple showed the world iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Will today's presentation of Google be interesting, we will know very soon. Hi-Tech Mail.Ru invites you to watch a live video broadcast of all the announcements of the Google I / O 2014 conference in Russian on the air simultaneously with the world presentation of Google in San Francisco. The new Android, the new Nexus, the Moto 360, LG, Samsung with Android Wear and other new products are expected. What will Google show on Google I / O 2014?

    From a source that repeatedly reported “correct” information about unannounced devices before their presentation, it became known (or rather confirmed) the name of the new version of Android 5.0 - Lollipop (lollipop). This, of course, is not a surprise, but the fact of confirmation is worthy of attention. We’ll find out the official position of Google very soon!

    Samsung watch on Android Wear, which we expect to see on Google I / O, apparently will be called Gear Live. Read more about them here .

    13:29 We
    remind you that you have less than 7 hours left before the start of the Google I / O 2014 broadcast to participate in our competitionand compete for one of the Nexus 5. Guess the announcements of Google and get a smartphone from Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru for free! Prizes for our competition are provided by the Banderolka store - this is a modern and advanced service for shopping in the USA, it is profitable and convenient.

    There was confirmation that today they will demonstrate the Android TV platform, closely tied to games. The developers of the popular game Riptide GP2 updated the application, and support for that Android TV was found in the changelog.

    True, the authors soon realized their mistake and corrected the list of changes, but the screenshot remained

    A new image of the Moto X + 1 smartphone was published. Sources claim that this device can also be demonstrated to us during the Google I / O tonight.

    Meanwhile, new screenshots of Android L appeared on the network:

    As you can see, Google really changed the design of the OS (white and gray tones predominate), and also more closely integrated its Google Now and Google+ services. The notification system has undergone changes - they come in the form of cards directly on the desktop and are grouped in the blind of the notification panel. The settings of various modules can now be accessed directly from the curtain (for example, select a Wi-Fi network or see the consumption of mobile traffic).

    10:15 The
    American division of HTC in its microblog makes the following assumptions about how Android L will eventually be called:

    So, today's announcement of the new version of Android is confirmed by the head of the Android division of Google. I wonder what kind of “sweet” name Google will give her - Lollipop, Lemonhead, or something else? In addition, they will show us the version of Android for TVs - Android TV ( read more ).

    Google I / O 2014 today! Watch a live video broadcast from San Francisco in the evening on Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru with video in Russian. Add to favorites and share with friends, we will talk about all the presented innovations.

    20:01, June 24
    Less than a day is left before the launch of Google I / O 2014. Tomorrow we will learn all the secrets of Google. We remind you that a wide variety of new products are expected: both software (primarily the new Android) and hardware (primarily the Moto 360 watch). This is the main difference from the Apple WWDC 2014 conference, which focused on software only, and all devices remained in the fall. It seems that the announcement of Google promises to be no less (and perhaps even more) interesting than Apple. What do you think? Write in the comments.

    19:51, June 24
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    18:13, June 24
    The stylish Moto 360, which we are officially due to present tomorrow, will be able to wirelessly charge.

    This information was clarified through the passage of the gadget certification in the American FCC. This is an important point, considering that Apple iWatch will have the same opportunity.

    16:11, June 24 The
    updated interface in the next version of Android received the internal name “Quantum Paper” (quantum paper). It will be "flat" with the dominance of white and contrasting graphics. Changes will affect not only the interface of the operating system itself, but also Google applications.

    15:01, June 24
    Screenshots of the updated Android interface appeared on the network. In the course of Google I / O, they can introduce the so-called “L” version of Android (the previous one was “K”, KitKat).

    The pictures show a new authorization screen that combines the elements of Google+ and Google Now.

    The “L” icon in the upper left corner is probably associated with the new Android feature - limited interruptions. It allows you to customize notifications of incoming messages (notifications of a limited circle of contacts and applications are shown to the user).

    14:06, June 24
    Perhaps the most anticipated device of Google I / O 2014 is a gadget called Moto 360. This is a smart watch on Android Wear ( read more about the platform ).

    Motorola promises Moto 360 owners quick access to smartphone notifications with a “wave of the hand." Like all devices with Android Wear, they will constantly wait for the command “OK, Google”, then to fulfill the request of its owner.

    We will find out the details very soon, but for now we can admire the images, the gadget turned out to be really very stylish.

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