Russian stage of the World Robot Olympiad - we did it!

    On June 21, the grand opening ceremony of the Russian stage of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) took place at the Kazan Tennis Academy.
    The Russian stage of WRO was opened by the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov, Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Dmitry Livanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and the most emotional android robot Tespian, who had previously opened the international exhibition in Hanover with Angela Merkel and David Cameron.

    Competitions in Kazan were visited by Klaus Ditlev Christinsen, Secretary General of World Robot Olympiad
    “This is the fourth Russian stage of the BPO, which I will witness. And the first in Kazan. In addition, this stage of the Olympiad was organized for the first time by Innopolis University. I am already looking forward to this event. And, of course, it will be extremely interesting for me to see outstanding Russian teams solving difficult problems within the framework of this year's Olympiad. One of the most exciting moments is to see with your own eyes how the participants will deal with them.
    All over the world, teams participate in local and national stages. The season of 2014 has been going on since January, but now is the time when most of the competitions in the participating countries of the World Olympic Games are taking place.
    Tension and excitement intensify on the eve of VRO-2014 in Sochi. The 2014 World Robot Olympiad will be a grand event with the participation of 400 teams from 50 countries. I am very intrigued! ”
    - Secretary General of World Robot Olympiad Klaus Ditlev Christinsen.

    58 cups were played in Kazan. By analogy with the international stage of WRO, young robotics from all over Russia competed in six categories - basic, creative, student, soccer robots, sumo robots and RoboTraffic.
    A little more about the rules of the competition
    For the main category, the task, depending on the age of the participant, consists in assembling and programming a robot that will have to create a rocket and prepare it for launch, collect space debris or replace the solar panels of a space station from non-working to working ones.
    Participants in the creative category are preparing a project on the topics of “Robots and space” or “Robots and wildlife”. To participate in the Football category, a team must prepare two autonomously working robots: an attacker and a goalkeeper, who will fight with enemy robots in a special field using a special ball with infrared radiation. In the sum of robots, walking robots compete to push an opponent out of the ring.
    RoboTraffic is a robot race. In this case, the robot must be able to determine the light of traffic lights on the highway and come first.

    The venue for the All-Russian stage of the WRO, Kazan "Tennis Academy" is one of the modern sports facilities of the 2013 Summer Universiade. For all participants and team leaders organized free accommodation in the residential community "Universiade Village" (150 meters from the competition venue) and free meals.

    This year 720 robotics from 5 to 20 years old participated in the Olympiad - these are 373 teams from 42 subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as a team from Kazakhstan. These are 638 boys and 62 girls. For the first time in history, schoolchildren from the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol joined us.
    It was possible to make the competition so massive and spectacular thanks to the efforts of the national operator WRO - Innopolis University - with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Russian Association of Educational Robotics and the Institute of New Technologies.
    About the World Olympics of Robots, which this year will be held for the first time in Russia
    Russia in 2014 will host the World Robot Olympiad for the first time. The stadium for 8,000 spectators of the Adler Arena, where skating competitions were held during the 2014 Winter Olympics, was selected as the platform for the World Robot Olympiad. Representatives from 50 countries are expected to take part in the competitions. The organizing committee of the World Robot Olympiad is headed by the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov and the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Dmitry Livanov.

    “Innopolis University got the right to be the national operator of World Robot Olympiad for the next five years, we are planning the next event already in Innopolis - all the necessary infrastructure will be ready ,” Dmitry Kondratyev, director of Innopolis University.
    In the team event of the Russian stage of the World Olympiad of Robots, the Chelyabinsk region won, the second place was won by Moscow, the third - the Republic of Tatarstan. The results in individual categories for all age groups can be found here.
    A full photo report from the event is available here.

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