We invite you to participate in the Russian Developers Cup

    Today the registration for the second Russian Developers Cup, the championship of developers of mobile and web services, as well as games, has begun. You can sign up for participation until July 22.
    This is a competition of development teams, each of which creates a certain project. If you do not have colleagues and friends with whom you could create a team, then you can join one of the existing ones or create your own Dream Team.

    There is no jury in the Russian Developers Cup. Absolutely. Winners are chosen by the peopleby voting among the participants of the championship. And it will last a whole week, so that everyone will have time to cast their vote. The best projects cannot avoid a severe reward: 10,000, 5,000 and 3,000 dollars for the first three prizes respectively. But this is not all - the winners will be invited to the autumn Technology Forum, where they will be awarded solemnly awarded orders in a solemn (moderately) atmosphere .

    This will be the second championship of the Russian Developers Cup. Last year's winner was Funky Quest, which is a service for creating and conducting games and quests on the ground. In addition to the RDC, a number of other championships for IT specialists are held annually: Russian Code Cup, Russian Design Cup, Russian AI Cup. The total number of participants has already exceeded 10,000 people. These are Russian-speaking programmers, developers and designers from more than 34 countries of the world.

    By organizing all these events, we pursue a very obvious goal: to develop the IT industry in Russia. Well, and forge professional staff that could be proud of. What can give you participation in the championship? A lot: this is a great opportunity to make new useful contacts, find partners, gain new and important experience in your field, develop teamwork skills, and make yourself known among professionals. And the prizes are good.

    Detailed information about the Russian Developers Cup, the rules and stages of the championship can be found here .

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