Update iOS version of the Habrahabr mobile application

    Hello! Tonight in the AppStore, a new version of our iOS application for the site was tested .

    - New authorization screen: added a native authorization form with a TM ID account;
    - The "Best" section has appeared with 4 subsections: per day / week / month and for all time;
    - There was a search for posts with 3 types of sorting results: by relevance, time and rating;
    - If earlier the application worked only with an account, now most of the functions (including search and the "Best" section) are available without authorization;
    - In the sidebar (iPhone) and menu (iPad), now you can immediately see the indicators of your profile;
    - Many cosmetic improvements and fixes.

    Download the application (as well as support the rating) by the link:AppStore

    Enjoy reading!

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